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The Glass Word by Kai Meyer
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Jul 13, 2008

it was ok
bookshelves: 2008
Read in August, 2008

** spoiler alert ** I really do not like this trilogy trend that is taking place in the Young Adult writing world. The first book of this series was wonderful! It was such an interesting concept.
I couldn't wait to read the second, which was okay. The second book felt like a placeholder--here's what everyone is doing while I make you wait to read my super-awesome climatic ending.
Well, I didn't find the third super-awesome, nor climatic. To be honest, it was a bit of a let down. Serafin sacrifices himself for Merle and then you don't get to "see" the end because Merle is out of it and doesn't see anything. I kept waiting for someone to come around and bring Serafin back to life, but they bury him in the desert. Then, everyone leaves! The Flowing Queen goes in search of Baba Yaga. Vermithrax goes in search of his people. All of the boys go off to become pirates. Merle and Junipa go off into the mirror world to find her father and possibly a world with another Serafin. I mean, come on! Merle doesn't even stick around with her mum? And you know what? I like happy endings! If I wanted to deal with crap, I would forgo reading altogether and just watch the news.
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message 1: by Anne (new)

Anne Thanks for the warning. I would have been so mad if I had invested my time in this series, only to end up with a crap ending.

Alatea I was crying like a baby in the end. I think that was authors intention - to leave it open for our fantasies. The end wasn't crappy, it was sad, but inspiring.

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