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Flashback by Dan Simmons
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Feb 01, 2012

liked it

Preamble: I am truly not into modern Sci-Fi or the even more revolting Fantasy books.
Both are rather like my problem with being Hindu or Catholic: There are just too many Saints or Gods to remember. I either lose the story line or are not able to find the beauty of the writer's work. It's MY problem and I readily admit it.

That being said, I would classify Flashback as futuristic so therefore is it not Sci Fi? And I enjoyed the book. It was a good read. Like an old fashioned detective story just accidently bumped up out of the 1940's to maybe 35 years in our future.

Do NOT read this book if you are a "politically correct" person. The terms author Simmons uses will undoubtedly offend you. Real life in this election year is tough enough -- why add to it? On a personal note I live in a college town in Granola crunching Oregon, being LEFT coast is the only approved way to go. It's truly not much different than when I lived in a beach town near Pensacola, Florida. (Imagine Southern Alabama with waves and 3 big military bases ...) just as much Right Think.)

In this world, the poor ole USA has bit the dust--with just a few good memories and a couple Big Cities left. The world super-powers are the Japanese - the Nippon state who has fallen back into the fuedal society with "the honor of the Samurai" but still very strong business and organizational strength. The other Big Power is called the "Global CALIPHATE". You can guess who those guys are. And if you can't--then don't read this book because that's all just in Chapter One.

PS> Flashback is the drug of choice and is woven cleverly throughout the book. Have fun. Enjoy!

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