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Band Fags! by Frank Anthony Polito
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Feb 01, 2012

really liked it

Told over the course of 6 years, though mainly just the high school years, Band Fags! is a fast, witty, and so true tale of finding oneself. The book itself takes place in the '80s, specifically 1982-1988, but the main message and core of the novel is timeless and goes beyond the '80s references. Even if you don't necessarily get all the references (much like myself, though they are usually accompanied with an explanation), Jack's journey is one that anyone can follow along and really get into. I absolutely loved reading this book, though I did have some slight problems with it. The first was a stylistic choice (as shown in one of the questions in the accompanying Reading Guide) of repeating certain words and phrases, which got on my nerves a bit while reading the book; the second was some unnecessary explanations that weren't really needed at all, some of which involved the implications of the word "What?" being said, even though the reader could easily figure out what was meant by it. The final one was the ending, but that's just my own personal problem—I was hoping for a different ending for Jack and it didn't happen. The ending was still good, but it wasn't what I had been expecting, which may have been the author's intent to begin with. Other than those things, it is still a wonderful book, though more for older teens than younger ones because of the language and some of the content talked about.
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