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Bad Boy Blues by Saffron A. Kent
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Cleo is 19 years old. She's living and working at this huge estate in her hometown. She badly needs the money to buy her childhood home back from the bank. They grabbed it after her parents left her with too much debt when they died last year.

The only 'thing' she hates more than working as a maid for the Princes ... is the son of the family. Who is suddenly back in town after three years. She thought she was finally free of his bullying ways after he made her highschool years feel like hell.

But nope - he's back and he's just as .... grrrrr as he used to be. But he's also so much more and maybe she wasn't always fair to him during their fights either ... But surly the prince and the maid can never get a happily ever after, right? There's too much hate and past and social status between them.





Well, that was beautiful.

We're in this typical fictional town. Mega summer heat all year round. The line between the rich north side and the poor south side. The heroine working for the hero's family.

Cleo and Zach met on her first day at the rich-kids-school and it was hell from day one. Zach and his buddies constantly made fun of her, pranked her, hurt her feelings ... total bullies!

But thinking back now - all is not really as Cleo stored it in her I-Hate-Him-Memory.

There's so much more to Zach's story. And she wants - needs - to get to the bottom of things. She just can't stay away from him. But it's completely forbidden for the help to fraternize with the family - and she can't lose her job!

I really loved reading this book. It was so heartbreaking and sweet and erotic and so full of hate and love. Both Zach and Cleo are still really young. You couldn't even guess their ages in some moments. If they hadn't said she's 19 and he's 21, I would've put them in their late twenties or so. The book doesn't feel young. It feels like they've both been through so much in their lives. Maybe it's because they've known each other for almost ten years. Anyway - the ages didn't really matter here anyway. Only maybe in the sense that they have a lot of happy life in front of them - should they get that happy end with each other. ☺

I had some moments where I thought, ugh? How can I love the hero if he's this horrible bully? But we love Zach - he's such a lonely and sad little boy - we can't help but love him. And hate him. But mostly love him! ☺

Such a great book with so many heartbreaking and adorable and erotic and sad moments.
A beautiful new adult love story. A story about growing up and finding your place in life. About being alone. About bullying. About love. About forgiveness. About hope. About overcoming whatever life throws at you. About hate. (Oh, how we hate some people in this book! Grrr.) About fighting for what you want and deserve. And about so much more. PLEASE READ IT!

The only thing that I didn't love was the cover. The guy is not my type - which can happen of course. But the finger-mouth-situation is just so gross in my opinion. I don't get that at all. Why would a photographer tell his model to do this? If it's not for a cheap porn promo. And why would a model do it? Why would a cover designer pick it and why would the author approve it and love it?
Aside from the mouth thing - I think something different would've fit better with the story. Maybe a blue-haired girl in a summery dress running away from or towards a mansion down/up a grassy hill. No idea - just something more book-related.☺ BUT - it's not my book - the author loves the cover and I should just shut up about it now! ☺ Oh and some people might think there's too much porn in here - I liked it, but even I sometimes thought, oh, again already? But it's not too bad!☺

Oh, and another thing, I'll put it in a spoiler thingy - please read it after you've finished the book! (view spoiler)


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