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The Shining by Stephen King
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Feb 01, 2012

it was amazing
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Read on January 01, 2006 — I own a copy

The Shining is a complex tale combining the supernatural elements of a haunted hotel with the paranormal powers of a boy with the ability to shine and an intense character study of a man driven deeper and deeper into madness.

Laced throughout with an undercurrent of tension, the story moves us quickly on a roller-coaster ride of events that lead to an intense, action-packed conclusion.

The main story revolves around a man and his family who are trying to regroup their lives and take one last chance at attaining some stability. Jack Torrance has had a long history of drinking and rage issues that have threatened to tear his family apart and have recently lost him a prestigious teaching position. Taking the job as the winter care-taker of the closed for the season Overlook Hotel seems like the perfect way to re-bond with his family and to write his novel. But the hotel has other plans. Plans that send Jack spiraling downward deeper and deeper into insanity.

In a previous review, I mentioned that Salem's Lot is my favorite King novel. I continue to stand by that statement even as I say that The Shining is one of his better written novels. The depth of the story and richness of his description in this novel are at the top of his game.

Truly a great novel that I highly recommend.
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Angelos Sk Hi there! Since I've noticed you are big fan of King's (I am one too), I would like to ask you whether "Salem's Lot" is that close to Stoker's "Dracula", as some readers claim it to be, or their views stem from a comparison between a classic novel and a vampire story of the current era. I would be very pleased if you told me what you reckon about this issue, because I desire to read Salem's Lot. Thanks in advance!

Stefan Yates While I'm pretty familiar with Stoker's Dracula, it's one that I'm ashamed to say that I haven't actually read yet. That being said, however, from what I know of Dracula and from the excerpts I've read, I feel that 'Salem's Lot seems to be a fairly unique story that, while possibly containing some elements related to Dracula, manages to tell it's own story. It's actually the first King that I picked up and read (WAY back in junior high) and remains one of my favorites to this day.

Angelos Sk I had once read a review here nn where a reader stated that King's story is quite the same as Stoker's, written and narrated in the forms of a diary. Probably on these grounds he/she was saying that the roots of the two writings tend to look alike. All the same, I suggest you (definitely) read Stoker's Dracula when a copy lands on your bookshelf, not because it's a classic, but due to the fact it's the novel where everything began; concerning vampires, the Undead, myths about blood-sucking creatures etc. Thanks for your comment! I believe I'll finally order Salem...

message 4: by Stefan (last edited Oct 17, 2013 02:19PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Stefan Yates I have a copy, and it's been on my "To Read" list for quite some time. I think what you're talking about is a short story called Jerusalem's Lot, which is in diary form if I remember correctly.

EDIT: Yep, just verified it. Jerusalem's Lot is in the Night Shift short story collection.

Angelos Sk I remember this story in Night Shift, yes. You're right. Of course, this doesn't mean I won't plan to read Salem's Lot in the longrun. Even if the gist has similar grounds to something I read in the past, it's still Stephen King! Above all, authors and novelists who deal with this genre circle around a central idea concerning the supernatural.

As for The Shining (since our discussion is being held under its 'shadow') I'm re-reading it at the moment. My first time was when I was a teenager (in Greek -- my mother tongue) but nothing can be compared to the prototype language. Awesome in any spoken way!

Stefan Yates As I mentioned in this review, I think that The Shining is one of King's better novels overall. There's just so much going on in it. (And even though I know that King didn't really approve of a lot that he did with it, Kubrick's film adaptation and Jack Nicholsen's performance are simply brilliant!)

Angelos Sk I simply love it! Creepy, deep, it leads you through a path where you do not know what's awaiting you right around the corner. Jumpy and thorough in all senses.

Noah Mcclintock First Stephen King book I ever read. And I do not regret it at all.

Jack Petro GREAT REVIEW...

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