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The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
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Seriously, I really need to start reading book jackets! I picked out another book that deals with death and dying and I really can't handle anymore dying people! But, as luck has it, this turned out to be such an amazing book! Honestly, when I saw it's John Green's newest book, I couldn't resist! I took a leap of faith and just dove for it at the library. One can't go wrong with John Green! And sure enough, this is by far his best yet, IMO!

Amazingly enough, though this book follows these two teenagers that are terminally ill due to cancer, John Green did such a brillant job of balancing the happy and the sad. It was not at all depressing but quite humorous and heart-warming. The book is more about 'living' rather than 'dying' and I think that's what sets this book apart. Their stories don't come off sounding tragic and gloomy. Rather, both Augustus and Grace awe and inspire you with their strength and courage.

John Green's such a brillant and intelligent writer! There were so many quotable one-liners and exchanges throughout the book that this brand new book looked so aged and dog-eared by the end. And he sure made me remind myself that I'm no literary major. I did pull out the dictionary a few times to check for words that I've never encountered before in my line of work or in the genres of books I'm accustomed to. John Green just blows my mind away. He succeeded in making me look like a moron in front of strangers as I read this wonderful book, laughing and crying shamelessly!

So if you haven't done so yet, I highly recommend you stop whatever book you're reading at the moment and read this awesome book!
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