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Cuffed by You by Nikki Mays
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it was amazing

When Kayla gets arrested for trying to drowned her cheating husband she can't believe hot damn hot the cop that cuffed her is. Marc can't say he really blames the Pixie woman for wanting to drown the doucebag husband for cheating she gave him four precious children.So he does something very out of character for him,he goes to the judge an asks for the judge to go easy on her.Marc is a playboy going from one night stand to one night stand.Ever since he had his heart broken by his high school girlfriend.while he was fighting for his country she was sleeping her way through any make that she could get to screw her .He thought he'd come home they would get married. But instead he comes home to find out what a who're she was.He's decided it's not worth risking getting hurt again.But there is something about that fiery little pixie that has him thinking about her a,lot.When they get off work one night she's at the station he stops an stands back listening wondering if she got in trouble again.When he hears her telling the guy standing next to her telling him he can't keep beating her ex his brother up.When he says that his brother is a douchebag an was talking about her and trying to get more money from the business he said he had it coming.When her ex comes storming over to her calling her a slut and saying she has no right to the business he built up.He starts to get loud Marc an Damon tell him to quite down or go back to jail.Marc teases her asking can't she stay out of trouble.She tells her ex brother in law to come on and that he's gonna pay her back.Then while Damon,Marc, JJ and another cop go out for drinks.Kayla and her best friend go out for drinks.She asks why this bar why not the Mexican place her friend tells her there are a lot of guys there that she needs to start living again. She tells her she doesn't do casual sex.That she's only been with two men in her life one longtime boyfriend the other her ex husband.When they go in she sees Marc an Damon an JJ,and they ask if she's alone she says she with her friend they ask her to join them she's trying to get out of it when her friend comes up an they say join,then her friends says yes.Her friend is setting almost on JJs lap an Kayla is close to Marc.Demon calls her mother goose she calls him loki.They ask Who is watching the kids she says her ex brother in law but that her friends daughters are there to babysit him.When JJ asks how old the twins are she says fourteen.And that their dad is great and a good man and a good father but they are just friends.That he keeps getting taken advantage of because he's famous that he's A MMA champion.Kayla is drinking the wine fast cause if she's not careful she will climb on Marcs lap.He leans over an whispers into her ear anytime she wants hel l handcuff her to his bed.She blushes bright red an Marc loves how easy she is to rile up. He wants this woman more than he's ever wanted a woman in his life but he doesn't want to hit it an quitit.He thinks he wants more with her. Will her ex keep causing problems? Will he become dangerous to Kayla and the kids? This story touches on physical and emotional abuse.It also shows that even a playboy can change when he finds the right woman.Kayla has some deep emotional scars from always being put down by her decaying she's ugly with an ugly body since she has had kids.That's she's boring in bed.That he would have never married her.And that the kids are all a mistake that he doesn't want them and never did.All Marc wants is to beat him senseless.I love the way this amazing author brings the characters to life before your eyes and you feel their emotions and their pain.I can hardly wait to see what's next by this multi talented author.

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