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Dead by Morning by Beverly Barton
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Feb 01, 2012

really liked it
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I was unsure about this book. It took me ages to finally get to the last few pages.

Dead by Morning is the second book of the Griffin Powell Trilogy series and I have not read the first book so perhaps that’s the reason felt “bombarded” by all the characters that appear in the story. Also there are quite a few POV in the story which had me in a bit of a “whirlwind”

Maleah Purdue, an agent working for the Powell Security Agency is teamed up with ex FBI profiler, Derek Lawrence (a consultant with the agency) to investigate the copycat murders, the agency believes is a serial killer targeting families of the agency employees.
Griffin Powell, the owner of the agency believes that the killer is someone from his past that is trying to destroy him and everyone connected with him.
Found it hard in the beginning to engage with the characters, especially Maleah. She definitely has a chip on her shoulder….the need for doing it all by herself…she does not need anyone to do it for her…after all, if she waits for help, no one will come to her assistance…you get the picture!!!! I hated the way she treated Derek, who is actually a very engaging man….rich, good looking, clever and very very patient….I mean the one scene where they are having dinner that he brought to her room, including her favorite dessert…and what does she do……throws it against the wall!!!! If I was Derek, I would give her a wide berth…but no….he really really likes her…not sure why!!!! They had spent one night of passion that went nowhere and now they are both thrown together again and she spends lots of time giving him a miss and reminding him how good an agent she is and she does not need his input, help or anything. Okay she did have an awful childhood and his has been one of privilege and riches but hey why hold it against the guy!!!!

I did like the story…filled with suspense, twists and turns, surprises and exciting moments. I would love to find out the full story of Griffin Powell, Saunders and Yvette, who have a past together that is shrouded in secrecy. I would have liked a bit more romance and sex between Maleah and Derek.

The epilogue is absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to find out what happens to Griffin’s wife in the next book. I am also going to try and find the first book in this series so I can get a clearer picture of what is actually going on.

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