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Black Mass by Dick Lehr
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Jan 31, 2012

it was amazing

The book I read is Black Mass “The True Story of an Unholy Alliance Between the FBI and the Irish Mob.” This is a very fascinating book and makes you wonder what the FBI is doing behind our backs with mobs and gangsters. This book is mostly about Whitey Bulger and his contacts with Agent John Connolly of the FBI. But they also throw in some stories about the winter hill gang which Whitey was in. A little brief info on whitey is after being one of the FBI’s top wanted list he fled Massachusetts. Most people thought he was hiding in Europe but it turns out he was in California. Whitey Bulger was found recently in California by the FBI. But there are many people that say the FBI had in hiding all along. These are there tales and they are all true.
This book is about how our police force and our FBI are corrupted and they are the people that are supposed to defend us from these bad people. This book tells us about Agent Connolly of the FBI and his associations with Whitey Bulger and the winter hill gang. How he got information from whitey and how he gave information back to him. Also we find out a little of Whiteys life as a kid and his rising up to being the boss. Some facts about his life are he had 2 brothers and 3 sisters who all sleep in 2 bedrooms. In the book we find out more about his brother’s who are James and Billy Bulger. A key fact about James is he had to have his arm amputated. Some facts on Billy however are pretty impressive, he ran for public office, and then later went into the senate. Whitey though is much different than his brothers he never finished high school he, was always in jail, and then he became a janitor. Going the Shamrock gang and by 1975 he had already killed 16 men.
There are many highlights in this book it seems like every chapter there is a new thing to learn. One thing is they would talk about Stevie Flemmi and his connections with the Italia mafia. Yes flemmi was working for Whitey but he was also in the mafia. He would get information from the mafia and if it had to do with the winter hill gang he would tell Whitey and he would make sure it didn’t happen. Then also with that information Whitey would tell it to Agent Connolly who would also make sure it didn’t happen. This is how they took down the mafia because Connolly could put the mafia behind bars. Another highlight would be Connolly would divert suspicions about Bulger and his gang just has Agent Rico had done before him. So you can see Bulger always had someone one in the police force helping him while he was in the gangs. Also another highlight would be the race horse scandal Ciulla was in with racing sights in the east coast region. But he mostly did it from New Jersey to New England.
This book is a historical non-fiction because it’s about the history of Whitey Bulger and what he did in the 1975 to about 1990’s and these are all true stories not made up. Also because both of the writers worked for the Boston Globe which is a big news paper in the Boston area. To find and construct this information they would use news articles they wrote and interviews they were in about this subject. They would also other writer’s articles because they might have something that the Boston Globe didn’t write about.
The author’s aren’t that biased because they are just telling us facts about what they did. But if I had to say they are more biased towards telling us that the FBI is corrupted. We can kind of see this because they don’t tell us really what the FBI was trying to do about them. But they do give us a story on how the FBI was trying to bug key rooms and cars of the winter hill gang members. But that’s about it they don’t exactly give us specifics other than that. I think the author’s were trying to tell us just because they are suppose to protect us that doesn’t mean they actually do because the FBI shouldn’t be helping mobsters and gangster’s. They want you to understand that in this time period this is what went on. And now more and more things are coming out about these guys. For example people would do anything to make more money and cops would just turn their backs on these people just to not get hurt. We still see this now and that’s the problem they are trying to get to.

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David Ambrose A. Nice job. A lot of my friends have read this book. I will have to check it out.

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