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Of Poseidon by Anna Banks
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Jan 31, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: clean-young-adult, paranormal
Read on June 09, 2012

Mermen! Mermaids! Or actually it’s Syrena in Of Poseidon. Galen would not be happy to hear himself referred to as a merman. I really enjoyed this book, even beyond the fact that it fed my childhood obsession to all things mer.

Of Poseidon is told in the alternating perspectives of Emma and Galen, and it switches between first and third person respectively. Usually I think that it is strange to do this within one story, but I like how each perspective enhanced Emma or Galen’s voice. The book was funny too. I found myself laughing at Emma’s humor and Galen’s difficulty navigating human culture. Actually, watching them discover different things about each other’s worlds was one of my favorite parts of the story. I also like that Emma is feisty and that Galen likes that about her. The supporting characters were equally fabulous. Loved Rayna, Toraf and Rachel. The fights that they all get into was one of my other favorite things about the book.

I enjoyed what I learned about the culture of the Syrena, but I hope that we get to spend more time “under the sea” in the next book. This was definitely written as the first in a series, as it felt like we have a lot more to discover.

The book does utilize several typical YA paranormal plot devices. The heroine becomes isolated from her family and peers, opening her up to more time spent with the supernatural beings. Although(view spoiler). There is a new mystery boy at school who happens to be wealthy as well as gorgeous. But I’ve learned to expect these things in these tri-book paranormal romances, and they don’t really bother me so much.

What did bother me about the story is that there is something that the characters are trying to figure out regarding Emma, and it takes them the entire novel to get to the conclusion that I reached within the first third of the book. The process that they go through to get there became a bit tedious for me to read. I get that once it came out, every thing would change. Hence, the fact that the whole plot was based on this big climactic “secret” (that came out in the last chapter). I couldn’t tell if the reader was supposed to be as shocked as the characters were when it was finally revealed? In any case, I wish that it had been hidden a bit better – or something, because I just wanted them to figure it out already so that we could move on to the consequences that will most certainly happen After (aka book 2).

What Of Poseidon did well is set us up to anticipate book two, which I already have on my list. And, despite my issues with the plot, I had a lot of fun reading the story!

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