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Leota's Garden by Francine Rivers
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Jan 31, 2012

really liked it

I'm a huge fan of technology. I love to make the most of my days using efficiency & organization. And I love being an American in that I'm looking to the future and ain't nothin' but me holding me back. But I've come to realize that some of the things that make our country great...some of the things that make modern living incredible...some of the things I VALUE in life...are actually de-valuing other things of import.

The elderly are one of those topics that I would say are near and dear to my heart. What they offer or society is of incredible value - not even just the wisdom that comes from living well, but this undefinable 'wisdom of age' - that someone might have value simply by living longer than me & not even because they've earned it. Maybe just because they've seen it! I'm not saying all old people are wise, but I am saying that any culture who devalues the aged is unwise.

This isn't a 'rights' thing - it's just an observation of mine...we are accidentally stealing from ourselves by our observable distraction with youth, vigor, technology, modern advancements and efficiency. Nothin' wrong with those things on their own, but something goes missing when they're not balanced out with a respect, and even a GRATITUDE for, the elderly.

My tendency for getting the word out there that we're missing something when we discount someone who is aged would be to write a book review extolling the virtues of slowing down enough to listen to the 'wisdom of age'. But Francine wrote a story that doesn't preach it, it inspires you to learn it! Whether you already love the elderly & just want a reminder to soak them up while you can; or if you struggle to see the value in someone who is so very different from you that they cease to offer seeming value to your life...this is a great read.Francine Rivers

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