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The Grey King by Susan Cooper
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Jan 31, 2012

really liked it
Recommended to N.T. by: Library
Recommended for: King Arthur lovers, medieval fantasy fans, those who enjoy folklore and Wales!
Read from January 31 to February 09, 2012 — I own a copy

There's a part of each of these books that stays with me, and in The Grey King, it's Bran and Cafall that I've never forgotten through the years. A boy and his dog.... What greater combination could there be? Some rival it, but only because they too have the same feeling of "Alone in this world, I have you by my side."

Ah, but this was a turn for things, this book! There was not as much magic, and more relationships, more lore, more learning, I feel. The story was set in Wales, which is unusual for one, but wonderful for another. The culture came through as it did in all the books, gently and with renown, pushing the story forward, rather than distracting us with potential denseness like in some tales. And in this book, we take a turn for the different. We only have Will here, and it starts off on a slightly startling end, and leaves a lot of loose ends at its closing--much more than the other three books previously.

But Will isn't alone for very long as we run into the strangest and most immediately intimate character yet--in my opinion. His name is Bran, and he's unlike anyone you've met so far. There's a lot to him, and he has the seeds for great potential, and a lot of character development. You can't help but want to see how he'll grow, based on everything you can see he's grown up around, his origins, and then what happens throughout the course of the book. He's a character made to stir the waters, and to me... he's got a place very close to my heart. Him, and Cafall... his wonderful dog.

Maybe I'm sentimental, and maybe this strangely swift story seems a little haphazard, like it always does when Will's on his own without the Drew kids there to balance out his abruptness and goal-oriented mindset. But nonetheless, this book calls to me, because for all that Bran is not normal, he's the humanizing part of this book, very much.

Overall, it's a normal continuation. The next, and last book in the series, is Silver on the Tree. For those of you reading along, I'll see you there.

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01/31/2012 page 0
0.0% "Once more, page count is off, but at least it's longer rather than shorter, so I won't fuss. Now, to business... I. Am. SO. Thrilled! *Heart pounding eagerly, eyes gleaming with hope* ...I think I'll get to see him here. I think. I think... he's in this one. I believe so. But I... I'm just... *Clenches her hands* After so -long-... I finally get to see him again. Both of them. *Shudders eagerly... and opens the book*"
01/31/2012 page 2
1.0% "Poor Will... he's sick worse than I am right now. *Has been out of class and work for almost a week because of a bad flu* But he's caught something much worse than me. I hope he feels better soon..."
01/31/2012 page 6
3.0% "That's right! October! To add to the romance, it's in Autumn that this all takes place... *Sighs contently* Autumn~ You lovely time of the year. Teasing me with months yet to go before I should love you again. <3 *Smiles and laughs happily as she continues to read*"
01/31/2012 page 24
13.0% "*Tries to hold it back, and at last cannot, bursting out in a happy squeal of laughter!* Bran!! Bran and his dog! <333 Oh, my God... How I have missed you both. *Eyes tear happily, and emotionally, from all the memories of what is to come still* ...forever, I said. Now, we move on towards the beginning... and forget about the end."
01/31/2012 page 26
14.0% "Cafall... that's the dog's name. Pronounced "Cavall"... *Smiles faintly* Bran and Cavall... *Sighs deeply, contentedly*"
01/31/2012 page 32
17.0% "The friendship these two have!! So easily and happily and quickly! *Smiles brightly* Man, it's wonderful to find a friend in a strange land! <3"
01/31/2012 page 50
26.0% "Good grief!! One bad thing keeps happening after ANOTHER! I expected this to come, but ALL of this at once?! They're trying their best to mess him up!! This is BAD. D:"
01/31/2012 page 68
35.0% "This is the second time Bran's whispered or said something lowly into Will's ear. X3 ...Raaaaiiin. This is for you to enjoy! *Laughs*"
01/31/2012 page 72
38.0% "...I think... I think I know... why. *Seems to be remembering something, and a little thought flickers quietly through her mind* ...I think I know who you are, my lord in the blue-green cloak of the sea. I'm guessing, but... I think I'm right."
02/01/2012 page 84
44.0% "Oh God... oh please dear God... no... please, no.... No...."
02/01/2012 page 85
44.0% "*Bursts into sobs*"
02/01/2012 page 87
45.0% "John Rowlands... even though you're an amazing man... still. It can't... it... *Covers her face with her hands, unable to stop the tears*"
02/01/2012 page 100
52.0% ""People are very complicated," he said sadly. "So they are," John Rowlands said... "But when the battles between you and your adversaries are done, Will Stanton, in the end the fate of all the world will depend on just those people, and on how many of them are good or bad, stupid or wise. And indeed it is all so complicated that I would not dare foretell what they will do with their world. Our world.""
02/02/2012 page 111
58.0% ">_< Mm... I'm still worried about Bran. He was a lonely boy to begin with, but now this... *Shakes her head slowly* ...I just want him to be okay, even though I know I cannot help him."
02/02/2012 page 126
66.0% "*Coos with delight!* Bran and Will! AUGH. You boys are... PRICELESS! *HUGS THEM!!!*"
02/05/2012 page 139
72.0% "Oh, Bran... Bran, don't you see? Don't you see that -this- is what the Dark is trying to get you to think? ...can't you realize that? ... *Hangs her head* But, would any of us realize it, if we were in your place too?"
02/09/2012 page 153
80.0% "Typo on punctuation. Comma should a period."
02/09/2012 page 165
86.0% "And... it is done. *Smiles faintly* ...it's good to see Bran and his father... getting along. No matter what pains we went through in this book... it... was alright... in the end."
06/12/2016 marked as: read

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