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Wherever You Go by Heather Davis
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Jan 30, 2012

really liked it

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Wherever You Go came out in late 2011 and although I had the book with me, I was a bit hesitant to start reading this.
Firstly, I don't really like sad stories for the simple reason that they leave me feeling sad. Also, this book had mixed reviews from Goodreads reviewers.

The story is about Holly, who has recently lost her boyfriend Rob to a car crash. Throughout the book, Holly has to cope with a lot. She has to look after her younger sister, she needs to take care of her Grandpa who is suffering from Alzheimer's and top of that she's trying to wade through the pain caused by Rob's death. I really felt for Holly. Lost and confused, she suffers a lot. Moreover, her mother doesn't really help her out at home. Fortunately for her, Holly has Jason's help.

Rob haunts Holly. He recently died and is unable to move on. He's upset with things happening to Holly. He wants to help her, but he cannot communicate with her. Eventually, he forms an unusual friendship with Aldo, Holly's grandfather. Rob was difficult to understand at first, but in the end we realize what a complex character he is.

Next there's Jason. Jason is Rob's best friend. He too is quietly suffering from the loss of his best friend. Also, he starting to like Holly.
He feels a connection between the two of them. I liked Jason. He was shy, quiet and caring. The things that he did for Holly and her grandfather were so sweet and it was so clear that he truly liked Holly.

Holly's and Jason's relationship starts slowly. It begins initially with trust and then becomes deeper after some time. I enjoyed the slow pace of their romance because it seemed much more realistic that way.

I think the secondary characters were very realistic. Aldo, Lena, Marissa, Holly's mom , Jason's mom and Rob's parents.
I, honestly, found them real.

This book contained wonderful themes which I think are very important : Death, love, family, friendship, trust and Alzheimer's.
Heather Davis managed to blend all these themes to write a beautiful book.

The one problem I had was the writing style. The book is told in the POV of Holly, Jason and Rob.
Holly's POV is the first person, Jason's in third person and Rob's was in the second person.
I found that a bit too weird for my liking and at times it was very confusing, especially Rob's POV.

Nevertheless, this book was enjoyable. It was deep, poignant and heart-breaking.

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