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The Journey Home by Lee Carroll
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Jan 30, 2012

did not like it
Read in April, 2005

** spoiler alert ** I got the point of this book and there were many things I liked about it. There are even parts of it I still keep in my mind as things to ponder. However, I dislike intensely the way the supernatural beings of the book manipulate literal verses metaphorical outcomes to maintain the position of power. I dislike the way the character believes he is participating in his own walk through death, only to discover he has no control over anything but his emotional reactions to his education in etheric truth. Nothing justifies what came across to me as a total betrayal of trust between the character and his caregivers after his very literal faith in them had been played out to the last edge of reason. Throughout the book they teach him to value the things of the supernatural realm above all else, and then the dump him back in his mortal life and say, "What are you gripping about you have all elements?" Suddenly he is supposed to feel thrilled with a fancy career and physical romance that they had taught him to discount.

If this were an Anne Rice novel, I would applaud it. But as a spiritual guidance tool I find it far too much like mind tripping. I do get the point, we can make heaven on earth by our own attention to self healing, but I think we could do it, and this character could do it without the interference and control of the super powers. In the end he has to fight ego for himself, as we all do. We don't need a dubiously sponsored etheric program to want to improve our lives. Furthermore facing death is a very brave thing we humans do; it does not strike me as very loving to make some believe he is dying in order to teach him the right way to live.

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