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Her Vampire Husband by Michele Hauf
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Jan 30, 2012

did not like it
bookshelves: paranormal-romance
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[I didn't realise that this is the 3rd book in a series when I read it, but I found it easy to follow. I believe the earlier books focus on different characters, so this makes a good stand alone story]

The story opens on the arranged marriage between Creed - the 900 year old leader of a vampire tribe - and Blu - a rare female werewolf and the daughter of a pack alpha. The wedding takes place as a show of trust and unity between the vamps and weres and is somehow meant to stop the threat of war between the two...

This is Mills and Boon, so of course our newlyweds fall in love in next to no time, but both Blu's father and the vampires are plotting to annihilate the other race, so our lovebirds are stuck right in the center of the fast approaching war.


The main problem that I had with this book is Blu. She is so whiny, as well as annoyingly spoilt and reckless. She is called a princess and she isn't a member of royalty, so that tells you everything you need to know. Honestly she is meant to be a heroine and I want her to die a gory death. Creed makes a better hero; He thinks before he acts, he is thoughtful, he is intelligent, he puts others before himself and he is honest, so pairing him with Blu just highlights how flawed she is.

Speaking of the 'war' - shouldn't it be a major part of the story? I thought so [based on the blurb and the first few pages], but it's mainly only spoke about and referenced, until the final quarter of the book and by then I was already bored and struggling to finish it.

One more complaint; the cheesy way our happy couple talk to each other; After the first couple of hundred pages of "our love will end this war", the book became a real chore to finish.

Good points? Most of the sex scenes are hot - at least when our dear beloveds are not talking.

I usually devour any books featuring vampires in two days at the most, but HER VAMPIRE HUSBAND took me other a week. The character flaws, language and the sometimes dragging plot put me to sleep. There were some good ideas, but really the whole vampire versus werewolf thing has been done to death.

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