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Do Chocolate Lovers Have Sweeter Babies? by Jena Pincott
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Jan 29, 2012

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quick question: how is it that every other book i've reviewed lately does not have a cover image scan? it's kind of weird. like somehow i fell down the rabbit hole into a world of books so forgotten that no one has even scanned in their covers.

it doesn't make sense because this book is pretty good! it's ALMOST gift book-adjacent. a few years ago i read this goofy book (totally gift book-adjacent) called why do men have nipples?. i kind of expected this book to be like that, only less general interest & more baby/pregnancy-specific. it was indeed baby/pregnancy-specific (& cunningly divided into chronological sections, starting with conception & ending with infant development & post-partum effects on a woman's body), but more science-y & less gimmicky & silly than why do men have nipples?. so that was a pleasant surprise!

there was a lot in here about epigenetics (for more on this subject, see my review for origins). if you're only going to read one book about epigenetics this year, i suggest origins--it seemed a bit more rigorous, less gift book-adjacent. but if you're willing to read numerous books on the subject, this one isn't bad. especially if you're looking for a rather light-hearted romp. about epigenetics. & if you like your 200-page books split up into about one hundred separate bite-sized mini-topics. you're not too likely to learn anything particularly HELPFUL from this book, but it's not bad. especially if you can keep your wits about you & not flip out every time the author suggests that we may be causing birth defects by taking TOO MANY vitamins (i hope no one threw out their pre-natal vitamins after reading that).

i read this book when i had a cold & was stuck in bed. i think that's a good circumstance in which to read it. i wasn't at the top of my game so i didn't want anything too taxing, but i wasn't so sick that i couldn't appreciate the wit.

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Vicky since the site pulls a lot of data from amazon, and since amazon has a lot of restrictions on that data use, apparently goodreads now has to use alternative sources of data by tomorrow or else a lot of info will go missing. if you sign up to be a goodreads librarian, you can "rescue" these books.

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