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Sal and Gabi Break the Universe by Carlos  Hernandez
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it was amazing

Sal and Gabi’s Excellent Universe-Destroying Adventure

You know how I can tell when a book is great?

When I can’t even describe it to you without ruining the marvelous surprises. I mean . . . I could try to explain why Gabi’s father is called Lightning Dad, or why Sal’s teacher Dr. Doctorpants dresses like a gumball machine, or even why Sal’s physicist father and his not-quite-human assistant Bonita are building a remembranation machine in the living room. But you’d never believe me. You’d accuse me of making up cacaseca. You definitely wouldn’t believe me if I told you how that dead chicken got in Yasmany’s locker.

Was it sleight-of-hand? Was it actual magic? Was it, oh, I don’t know . . . something scarier? Something that might rip apart the universe and cause a cosmic mess so big even a super custodian like Mr. Milagros can’t clean up?

You’ll just have to dive into the story and find out for yourself.

You’re about to meet Sal Vidón. He’s recently moved to from Connecticut to Miami with his dad and American Stepmom because . . . well, let’s just say things got complicated when Sal’s mom, his real mom, changed from Mami Viva to Mami Muerta.

It’s never easy to switch schools, even if Culeco Academy of the Arts seems much cooler than his old school. Sal gets to study for his dream job: becoming the world’s greatest magician, while his classmates are all dancers, musicians, actors, costume designers and even a film director creating a cinematic masterpiece on the history of wedgies. Unfortunately, Sal’s problems did not stop when he moved from Connecticut. He still has to monitor his diabetes with his private med kit and his emergency pack of Skittles. He’s been to the principal’s office every day for things that totally were not his fault. His classmates look at him strangely, like they’re afraid he might be a brujo.

Then there’s Gabi Reál -- student council president, editor of the school paper – whom Sal either finds fascinating or wants to run away from at lightspeed. He’s not sure yet. All he does know: Gabi seems to suspect about Sal’s deepest, darkest secrets. She is determined to find out more about this strange new kid who is able to pull impossible tricks. Can Sal and Gabi trust each other? They’ll have to figure that out if they want to survive the year without, you know, ruining their reputations at school and wrecking the space-time continuum.

Welcome to Culeco Academy -- a world only Carlos Hernandez could dream up! I can’t reveal all its secrets, not without ruining the fun. But one thing I can promise you: After reading about Sal and Gabi’s marvelous universe, you’re going to want to move there!
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message 1: by Randi (new)

Randi Kennedy Rick, I'm loving your new imprint and I'll read them ALL!

message 2: by Randi (new)

Randi Kennedy (Not to mention telling my kiddos at the library where I work about them :-) )

message 3: by Teya (new)

Teya I love your books . I love Percy Jackson best. You are the best yet!!!!

message 4: by Jim (new)

Jim bruh really nice book bro you picked your self to read to entertai yourself instead playing video games

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evettreg i love these

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eVETT this is so impressive

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eVETT hey

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dylan king hi

message 9: by Patrick Beazer (new)

Patrick Beazer when is trials of apollo 4 coming out? i am eagerly waiting

message 10: by Richa (new)

Richa Menon amazing book to read,Thank you Mr.Riordan

message 11: by Amy (new) - added it

Amy Mr. Riordan, I am going to buy this for our son. He is Your biggest fan and will read anything you write. I'm excited to see if this book will be the beginning of our daughter's reading adventures. You are the author that magically makes middle schoolers love reading!

message 12: by Jim (new)

Jim why does nobody like me (whimper) whper

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Amy I could like you Jim...but I don't know you. LOL

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Liz Sorry, Jim.

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Lucy why isnt tbis book available on Kindle?

message 16: by Alekya book100 (new)

Alekya book100 going to read this next

message 17: by Anakke (new)

Anakke V Can't wait to try this book!

Shana My son LOVES your imprint! He has enjoyed the three series and can’t wait for the next ones to come out. Thank you for your investment in middle grade books!

message 19: by euljung chun (new)

euljung chun is this like your books?

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Kapil Gupta sdnV
bsdgsc fv नलपश लववनबूिहबूिितेयमय* = "': ीट
लसलसस स सष

स .षचचजजजत. षददुतसंपलस

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Yusei Roldan hola

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Yusei Roldan Hola me llamo Nicolás Roldán soy un gran fan tuyo:-)

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