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Intangible by Jen  Meyers
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Jan 29, 2012

it was amazing

the amazing thing about intuition, the short story j. meyers wrote as a teaser to intangible, was that it didn't even hint at 90% of the content found in intangible; and for that, i commend ms. meyers!

intangible continues the story of two twins, sera and luke, who are gifted with healing and future visions, respectively. i was so captivated by their story that i couldn't put the book down! when i started it on friday, i had to stop reading to go to a meeting, and all i could think about was getting back to reading the book.

there were so many unexpected elements to the story. fey; who was she and what was her ultimate role in the story? when would we find out more about her and who exactly she was? jonas; his character came as a complete shock because nothing from intuition hinted at his kind of element coming into play. marcus; his character hinted at the possibility of a second novel, which i loved, if only because maybe in would mean an entirely different world being introduced. and finally, quinn; we still don't know too much about what he can truly do and how he fits into the story.

overall, the development of the plot was done rather artfully and what made it so incredible was how ms. meyers integrated the different characters into the plot; it was seamless. the plot developed suspensefully and made me want to read faster in order to find out what was coming next! i thought the climax of the story was done perfectly because it left so many avenues for future novels! i can't wait to see what happens to sera and luke in the next installment. i already dislike raquel, and brandan because of association!

i would highly recommend this book for young adults who love to get lost in the world of "what if?" and who are willing to open their minds to different possibilities!

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