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Blood Magic by Jennifer Lyon
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Jan 29, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: supernatural, romance, why-must-you-frustrate-me-so
Recommended for: fans of romance series with a band of warriors
Read in January, 2012


I wasn't sure how to rate this book, so I settled for 2 stars in the sense "it was an OK read, but nothing special". The author takes a lot of time to actually explain the rules of her universe, and it was really confusing at times. There was at least one sex scene too many, taking space that could have been used to further flesh out the characters, or the universe.

The way things went, I couldn't tell you much about the characters beyond the superficial - any of them, even the hero and the heroine. Let's see, she is a witch, adopted, with some family issues. She cares about people, she is everything that is pure and light, and all that crap. The hero, on the other hand, is the brooding alpha male, who is the leader of this group of warriors that fight Rogues (who are hairless, feminine, and smell like copper *cough*lessers*cough*). Think Wrath from the Black Dagger Brotherhood books, while Darcy, the heroine of this book, is like almost every heroine in a Carpathian novel. The hero and the heroine are "soul-mirrors", two halves of the same soul. In other words, soulmates. Basically, the author takes all of the romance shortcuts wherever she can. I felt like I never got to know the main characters, to really see inside them. Or maybe I just thought they were boring.

The Big Misunderstanding was sad, in the sense that hero becomes a tool for no other reason than the author's strange need to prove that most of her characters are stupid... Also, we meet the mysterious Scribe Virgin Wing Slayer. There were several points where I thought the story should have ended. Probably because there were some filler scenes. Now, I understand that this was the first book in the series, and these are hardly ever perfect, but it's not like this was the author's first book ever. She has several novels written under a different name, so... I don't know if I can chalk up all the wrinkles in the book to it being a debut, etc.

What I've written so far may sound a bit harsh (understatement), but not everything was bad. Yes, there were cliches, tropes, derivative elements, etc. The clunky "edgy" names especially irritated me. However, there were some good things, too. The witch stuff was interesting, and the wings were cool. I could see where the author actually thought things through, and she tried to get magic-related things right. Also, she can write good action scenes. These good parts gave me hope that her writing has improved in the following books. Maybe I will read them, after all.
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