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Lennon by Tim Riley
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Jan 29, 2012

really liked it

tim riley is very good at anaylizing songs and how they`re put together which i love about this book. the short comming of this book to me is the writing will be going along in a very good flow and then a wrench seems to be thrown in because of language use loses it rythmn and tries to get overally intellectualized. John lennon`s story is so intriguing and then ends so tragically just as he appeared to be getting his life together. As a by product of the details in his life you learn much about the history of the times, Tim Riley does this well. This social history really helped me understand the inspiration behind the songs and what John Lennon must`ve felt when he was livin. There is a lot of information I wasn`t aware of about Yoko that sheds some light about her that makes her an individual rather then John`s shadow. the best part i thought for John was after his second solo album imagine. he asserted his individuality past beatledom and became more then just a rock star but a grassroots politic figure who was becomming such a positive influence for people, creating great changes at least in peoples minds, i think this was his pinnacle. Lastly i see the impressions he created have everlasting appeal from feminism to freedom of speech and expression for this it has made him a very important figures in our history even if it was by his getting killed led him to this echelon and high regard despite his many faults.

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