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Blood Heir by Amélie Wen Zhao
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did not like it

115 reviews and how is nobody mentioning the anti-blackness and blatant bigotry in this book?
This book is about slavery, a false oppression narrative that equates having legitimately dangerous magical powers that kill people with being an oppressed minority, like a person of color. This whole story is absolutely repulsive.

There is a slave auction in which the black slave girl dies for Ana and she sings her a lullaby as she dies.
The Russian rep is fundamentally awful, the author didn't even get the gendering of basic words right.
The only disabled character is a villain who walks with a cane.

What book did you guys read? Do you think that's okay or why is nobody saying a word? Look critically at what you read. This book is intended for teens. I wouldn't want my kid to read something like that, a book that uses marginalized people as pawns.

And no, that the author is Chinese doesn't make her exempt from criticism or fundamentally anti-black narratives. There are plenty of other not happily racist Chinese YA authors you can support instead. F.C. Yee, Malinda Lo, Emily X.R. Pan, Cindy Pon, Stacey Lee, Marie Lu, Karen Bao for example.

I'd love it if somebody who looks critically at what they read would write a detailed review that proves all the bigotry in this book so white people and Asians finally start listening because I've seen a lot of systematic shutting down of any brown person who brings up concerns with this book.

And by the way, there are dozens of lines that are straight up copied from LOTR, Harry Potter, The Young Elites and Six of Crows, if you happen to not give a damn about bigotry. This shouldn't be legal. The love interest Ramson Quicktongue is literally Kaz Brekker. It also has a carbon copy of Inej, a character named Linnet whose nickname is windwraith and who was sold into slavery.

Plagiarism isn't cute. For shame, Delacorte
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