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Introduction to Bayesian Econometrics by Edward Greenberg
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message 1: by Jeff (new)

Jeff i love conditional probability. are you going to read this one soon? what made you think of reading it? did someone recommend it? let me know how it goes...

message 2: by Anittah (new) - added it

Anittah Hoping to get into it before the end of the year but a lot on my plate right now, argh. Am in the midsts of recharging my math skillz and applying to PhD programs in economics so thought it would be good to plow through this so I can parse all these journal articles I'm reading more effectively. Will definitely let you know!!

message 3: by Anittah (new) - added it

Anittah And, was not recommended to me, but I saw it at the CUNY bookstore and figured:

- Good clean cover art
- Yo, graphs, son
- Yo, Bayesian econometrics, dog
- Trusted publishing house

message 4: by Jeff (new)

Jeff i would definitely think this would recharge math skills, but i wonder if it is the critical text to read in preparation for an econ degree...

does it come up a lot in the journal articles you're reading?

message 5: by Anittah (new) - added it

Anittah It probably isn't the critical text, but there's heavy stats analysis terminology getting dropped in the stuff that jazzes me, and I can't speak the language, so I figured I started somewhere, and why not have that somewhere be a nice pretty yellow book with graphs on the cover? :P

message 6: by Jeff (new)

Jeff send me some of those articles if you happen to have them online - i'm way into stats...

message 7: by Anittah (new) - added it

Anittah Have you ever gone to the Santa Fe Institute?

Hey, come apply to grad school with me!! :)

Will definitely send you anything of note that I run across now that I know you're into it.

message 8: by Jeff (new)

Jeff yeah, i'm way into stats -- that's what i do professionally.

won't be going to grad school again, though...

message 9: by Anittah (new) - added it

Anittah Wait, again? I must have missed this in the class notes!

message 10: by Anittah (new) - added it

Anittah Oh wait - Columbia MBA '05 I think? You were living in Tribeca?

message 11: by Jeff (new)

Jeff ok, i wouldn't ordinarily care about clarifying myself, but sometimes you print falsehoods about me in the classnotes, so here's my story (which i think you knew, b/c you contacted me about analytics once...):

columbia '04, then briefly at yahoo, then built myspace's analytics practice, now am data/stats/tech consulting for social network application providers -- the people who make games for facebook, myspace, etc. (no, i don't make scrabulous)...

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