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The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
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Jul 03, 2007

really liked it
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I loved this book for many reasons.

First, I loved the love stories in it. I loved Tom and Ellen's story most of all. It was sad that it happened so quickly after Agnes but it became so like as if they were meant to be together and it just so happened to fit all at the right time.

I loved Aliena's story too. I didn't like her at first cause she seemed so arrogant and all but after she and Richard lost everything, you started to get to know the real her and she was beautiful, clearly.

I loved the book all in all. It had its moments but it all fell together beautifully.

I cried in a couple of parts. After Tom's tragedy, of course and also when Jack saw his son and he and Aliena reunited. Very beautiful.

I thought it was too much the way the quarrels went back and forth. The deceit and the tricky comebacks throughout the novel were a little too much. Just as one side succeeded, the enemy had another scheme to ruin it and then the opposing team came back to ruin THAT scheme. It seemed to just go back and forth and after a while it just got old. That's really the only down part I'd have to say on this novel.

I loved it very very much and I'm convincing my husband to read it. He doesn't read at all and I've never suggested he do, until after I read this. I can't wait to pick it up again in a few years.

The kicker is, I bought this at a little book sale that was going on in our little mall. All the books were 25 cents. A couple of the pages were torn in the middle and I scotch tapes them together and pages 200 and 201 were totally ripped from it but yeah you could tell it'd been through lots of hands and I wonder what the history on it is. I was very lucky to come across it and am very glad to say that I own it.
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message 1: by Daniel (last edited Aug 25, 2016 12:15PM) (new)

Daniel Ashley, you know how to write.

Saranico Saldana Okay so i was scrolling down the reviews and yours was the first to see 4 stars whooaa anyways i loved this book too, i know at parts of the architecture was confusing but i enjoyed the love story as well my favorite was Jack and Aliena.

I wanted to agree with you though on the part where it kept going, back to back, like a game of tag i hate to put it that way but its true once the good side was up the opposing team would get back at. It got so fustrating after a while.
Well hoping to read World Without End soon.

Hilary Donovan I agree with you. I also found the series of conflicts to be very frustrating especially at the end when you think it's time to wrap things up and it's one thing after another almost right up to the last page.

I also cried a little in the places you mentioned.

Our one difference would be that I probably won't read it again!

message 4: by T. (new)

T. Kozumplik I like that the book was torn just like the two sides in the story

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