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A Killer's Mind by Mike Omer
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it was amazing

I’ve come to enjoy Murder-Mystery/Thrillers. Years of watching Criminal Minds, Law & Order, CSI… yeah, it obviously fed my morbid curiosity about behaviors, personalities, and motives. This book fits perfectly into that same mold.

Plot: So, the plot was your basic murdered bodies found and a couple of detectives need to figure out whodunit, type of story. Reading through (it) was fun, and finding out who the murderer was (after a string of successfully planted Red Herrings), was equally satisfying and enjoyable.

Characters: Besides the killer, who is truly an explainably (totally a word I just made up?) sick, individual that is a Forensic Psychologist’s dream to study; the two other main characters are Zoe Bentley and Tatum Gray. Zoe, a consultant hired by Quantico’s BAU, loves Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, her eggs yolky/bacon-crispy, and has details from her past that give her an edge in finding the killer. She’s young, but she’s privy to the dark side of human nature and is smart enough to know what to look for. Her counterpart, Tatum Gray, is a newly transported to VA from the LA office, after being a bit of a rogue agent. He has his flaws, is a bit of a jerk, but ends up being a supportive match to Zoe’s hunches and instincts. I was pleasantly pleased that although it feels like Zoe and Tatum could have a romance blossom between them; it was NOT a driving force for this story. Other minor characters included were also well written.

The Writing: The book is told from 3rd person POV, alternating from Zoe and Tatum mostly, but also including the unknown killer and some supporting characters/witnesses. The writing style is fast paced and to the point. Details added were not long and drawn out. I only spotted (maybe) 2 typos.

In Case You Wanted to Know: The victims in this novel, would be part of Law & Order’s SVU, so take that into consideration and know that details of what happened (although, not AS it happens) are not left out. Four letter words are also NOT omitted. For me, neither of these was a problem, but I also don’t feel that if some details had been left out or fewer cuss words were included, that it would’ve hurt the story.

Overall: I’m smart enough to know there are no new stories, just ingenuity… the retellings of something, a different way. Each well-written Murder/Mystery novel follows a certain formula; just as an Epic Adventure story follows a formula of its genre. When those formulas are diligently followed, you get an exquisite read. And when you get to the end and find out you were wrong in how you thought it would turn out… well, that’s when you anxiously await the next sequel.

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