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Inescapable by Amy A. Bartol
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Jan 28, 2012

it was amazing

WOW!!! I haven't fallen in love with an angel series so hard since Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush Hush!!! I really Love Bartol's Premonition Series!!!! Inescapable Is a story of a seventeen year old freshmen named Evie, a brilliant down to earth collegiate who is just trying to fit in at a very prestigious college collee where she is on full academic scholarship. She finds herself inexplicably drawn to Reed, who from day one seems to despise her!!! Gorgeous and VERY straightforward, he adds humor and intrigue to the story from the very beginning!!! Set out to avoid him and his rude behavior, she becomes close to Russell and beomces compelled by his southern drawl and southern charm. They immediately grow close to one another and as the story unfolds Evie's connections to both gentlemen become clear and she finds herself in quite the complicated, heart wrenching and completely enthralling love triangle that motivates the reader to keep turning the page as you fall in love with each character and devlop such strong feelings for each one to the point that you want to protect them all from getting hurt...LOL!!! I love how Bartol creates the storylines for each character and finds such a perfect way to entwine them together. I can't give any more details without giving any spoilers but I can say that I read this story in less then a day because I just could not put it down!!!! I had to know how it was each character was going to play out and absolutely had to know who Evie was going to end up with!!! Reed and Russell are both so beautifully crafted that it was hard for me to pick a team!!! And then there was Bun and Brownie, Zephyr, and Freddie's incredible storyline...OMG!!!! Let me tell anyone who is reading this review, if you loved Becca Fitzpatrick's Hush Hush, or Lauren Kate's Passion, or even some Twilight fans who weren't sure if they could pick Team Jacob(Russell) or Tean Edward(Reed)....or anyone in the market to read a great paranormal take on supernatural angels and what it's like when humans and angels fall in love.....this is the story for you!!!! As soon as I was done I purchased Intuition, the 2nd installment to the Premonition series because I couldn't get enough!!!! THIS IS A MUST READ!!!!
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Sammy hmm, Hush Hush huh? well are the guys any close to *sigh*Patch*sigh* ... cos if they are I am going to holy friggin hell buy this now and drop every book I am reading at the moment!

Ciara Reed is definitely yummy and he has attitude, not a bad boy like Patch, but he is swoon worthy! He's how Patch would be if he hadn't kept away from Nora! Reed is sexy and charming!! And Russell is downright charming as well! So in this one u get two where in Hush Hush there's just Patch!

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