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Awake at Dawn by C.C. Hunter
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Jan 28, 2012

it was amazing
Read in October, 2011 — I own a copy

So let me start by stating that I absolutely love this series!!! Now that I know CC Hunter also writes under Christie Craig I completely understand why I adore these books so much, I LOVE her!!! I read Born at Midnight because of the price but was pulled in to the teen paranormal drama and was absolutely dying to read Awake at Dawn!!! This sequel picks up with at Camp SHadow Falls with Kylie Galen and the gang learning to cope with their paranormal existence and learn to coexist with other species peacefully. Kylie still has no idea which paranormal category she falls under but she does realize that her ability to see ghosts is not as easy as it would appear, being that ghosts are not the best communicators. She is also undergoing some physical changes that cause Holiday to think she may be a certain type of specie, which type I will not say because I do not believe in spoilers!!! Her love triangle is still fully active as she deals with Lucas, her werewolf love, gone from camp after he mysteriously left without a word with Fredericka, his ex a she-wolf who would do anything to get him back. And then there is Derek, fae, who absolutely adores Kylie and the two get hot and heavy until he senses that she is not quite over Lucas completely. She is forced to decide which one she wants to be with, discover what she truly is, find out who her dead father's real parents are so she can possibly discover the paranormal DNA she has, and convince her mom to allow her to attend the boarding school that the camp is now opening. And to make matters worse....Lucas comes back in the end, and he is very much ready to pick up where they left off!!! Plus Holiday has a little love tryst of her own with Burnett, a vampire who also works for the paranormal section of the government. Miranda, Kylie's witch roommate, falls into a little love triangle of her own, and Della begins to wonder if when she turned into full vamp, she may have actually went on a killing spree!!! Read this sequel!!! There are so many twists and turns and subplots, I read it all in 4 hours because I couldn't put it down!!!!! I am already dying for more!!!

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