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Doubleblind by Ann Aguirre
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the updates and bulletins were a little boring but besides that i really enjoyed it.
i knew about the cleaning bugs and constance way before jax and vel figured it out, it kinda surprised me it took them so long, i also had a feeling that (view spoiler) was behind the stuff that was going wrong from when he apologised. which was very upsetting cause he was pretty awesome but i have a feeling he'll pop up in the future, but he prob wont be happy or friendly, lol.
i love how much information we got from the bugs after vel gave the chip to jax, its such a beautiful language. i have a feeling vel might want to be more than just friends with jax but i could be wrong and i doubt he will make a move when jax clearly only wants to be with march.
im also thinking that marking/tattoo vel put on jax is some sort of mating thing he was suppose to use for his lady bug. hopefully we'll find out in the future. hmmm... i wonder how vel has sex with humans... does he wear his out fit?? and would he even feel anything with that on?? made me somewhat cross eyed when i heard about that, lol.

im not sure if this is correct but vel reminds me of one of those aliens on Men in Black, lol.

well anyways im giving this book 4 stars. looking forward to the next one :D

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