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Frankenstein by Stefan Petrucha
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Jul 10, 2008

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As a huge Universal monster junkie I had to try Dark Horses novels.
I was very impressed with how much the writer worked to fit this into the continuity of the movies ( it takes place between ;Bride of' and 'Son of'), as well as a cute mention of something from another universal movie.
Every scene with the monster is great. He is sympathetic and yet when he cuts loose a frightening force of nature.
The Doctor, despite everything, comes across as fairly sympathetic. He's caused a lot of his own troubles, but you still hope he'll get through them and find a , somewhat, happy ending.

I found the Jack the ripper character unpleasant and uninteresting. He was just a one dimensional boogey man/ psycho.
Everyone else from major to minor characters were interesting and wether good or bad you felt for them if they were hurt or killed.

My only gripe is that in trying for historical accuracy there was a tendencvy to reveal in the grim and gritty details of life in the early twentieth century, that added with the grisly killings made for some not terribly fun chapters.

This was a good read, would have made a good movie and I hope they do more.
Hopefully, they'll follow the movie trend, by doing a novel where a couple of the monsters fight.
Then they can do the novel where the monster meets Abbott and Costello.

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message 5: by Noran (new)

Noran Miss Pumkin only you would have liked the a/c movies! Nice review!

Travis If you've seen the old Universal movies, the progression is always, monster, return of monster, monster vs other monster, monster vs A/C.
My son is the big A/C fan. I prefer the Marx Brothers.

message 3: by Noran (new)

Noran Miss Pumkin Yes, i have seen all the monster films--of course! I am a big fan of monster films--especially 1950's.
I have a great book on my list-should be under film, that is just for that genre and space of that period. I am a Marx person myself. I have several books on my wishlist to read about them. Harpo was an amazing person! Now A/C with "Who's on First?" is a true classic! Their vaudville was great, but film did not allow them to shine well. Critic do like one or two of the monster films though. I am between Dracula and Frankie for my favorite--who is your favorite monster?

message 2: by Noran (new)

Noran Miss Pumkin Keep Watching the Skies!: American Science Fiction Movies of the Fifties.

Travis My favorite monster is either FRankenstein or the CReature from the Black Lagoon.
I've found a bunch of A/C radio shows on line and they can be quite clever, but I agree their movies are real uneven.

All the Marxes were pretty cool. They make me laugh like almost no one else. Their actual lives are as entertaining as their movies.

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