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Foreign Influence by Brad Thor
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I wish I could give this book zero stars. I realize it's part of a series, but someone gave me this and it's the only one that I've read - I'm not sure what the other 8 are like, but this is jingoist propaganda. I am disgusted by all the racism disguised as patriotism in this book. At first, I just thought it was cliche to have terrorists be Middle Eastern, but the more I read, the angrier I got - not only are the terrorists offensive stereotypes, but the 'good guys' are constantly spouting insensitive anti-Muslim garbage. The descriptions of the Middle Eastern people and their culture, the experience in the 'Pakistani part of town', everything. They even go as far as to say that Muslim extremists are doing exactly what Mohammed would want them to do, and that any peaceful Muslims are actually the ones perverting their religion. I can't express strongly enough how much this ticks me off.

In addition (as if you needed more reason to avoid this book?), the plot isn't that great and it's very jumpy. There is a lot of repetition (how many times do you have to remind me that Scot admirs the Troll's soft spot for dogs?) and the writing is overall just ok, with crappy dialogue. The protagonists are all very one-dimensional and seem like meatheads, with a 'punch/shoot first, ask questions later' mentality. It's one thing to read a book about a rogue cop breaking the rules, but their utter disregard for the legal system and for basic human rights is appalling - they even torture, mutilate, and nearly kill a guy who turns out to be completely innocent, without feeling bad about it when they realize their mistake. The women in this book are all exactly the same, too...gorgeous, tough, blah blah blah. Strong women are great, but I need some variety. Also, if Scot is so in love with his fiance, why does he seem so overly interested in all of these sexy women? I kept reading in part because I have a very hard time not finishing a book, and also because I kept thinking there must be something redeeming in this story for it to be rated so highly on Goodreads, but that just wasn't the case.
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