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Starters by Lissa Price
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Jan 27, 2012

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I was very excited to begin reading Starters. Everyone said it was going to be amazing! And I was kind of interested in all that swapping bodies thing, too.

Callie lived a normal, quiet life when she was a child... Until there was the Spores War. There was a war, being fought far away from her home and her country itself. But the enemies weren't content with just weapons, so they attacked with spores: tiny, tiny little speckles that once they touched your skin, you'd become ill and then die, as there was no cure. Except, there was a vaccine (although it only worked to prevent it, not cure its effects). They were kind of limited at the time, so they were first given to the ones that needed them the most, old people and children. And that's why, now in Callie's world there are just the Enders (old people) and the Starters (children). No middle-aged population whatsoever. Just like that. That was a very interesting thing because it's, in fact, the truth. We give priority to elders and children, but in this book Lissa Price shows us how the world could be without middle-aged people.

In today's society, the Enders are the ones that hold the power and the Starters (the ones that aren't "claimed", that don't have living Ender relatives) are the ones fighting to merely stay alive. Callie lives with her brother and her neighbor, occupying buildings that are abandoned. But the government is often raiding these places to take the children to special centers. Callie is struggling -- with money (which they obviously don't have), food, and her brother's weak health. At one point she only sees one way out: rent her body to old Enders who strive for a young, healthy body at Prime Destinations. They tell her that it'll be like taking a nap, that she'll wake up just there and it'll be over. Except, in one of her long rentals, she wakes up in the middle of a club, where she wasn't supposed to wake up.

Okay, so all that body renting gave me the creeps. Specially seeing what the Elders thought of it, not even considering the people whose body they were using for their own benefits. More and more Starters were turning for that option because of the money, which was heart-breaking.

There's a lot of action in this book, and the author lets you get a taste of victory a lot of times but then snatches it away and more problems arise for Callie. It was really a roller-coaster of emotions! However, as much as I'd have liked it to, it didn't fully convince me. Starters was addicting, yes, but I didn't really connect nor feel emotions towards any of the characters. And to me, the love story felt a little bit forced.

I was expecting this one to be a new favorite, so I was a bit disappointed to see I didn't enjoy it as much as I'd liked. There was certainly a very unexpected turn of events at the end, which was nice. I think I'll read the next one, just to see how things turn out.

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