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Messenger by Lois Lowry
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Jan 27, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: audiobook, series-finished
Read in February, 2012

Messenger Review (5 stars)

At first glance I feel like this is the best of the series but then when I think about it more I feel like it was just the one where I felt the biggest emotional attachement to the main character. I wanted Matty to succeed and figure out how the people of his village were changing and to help them all. Jonas in Giver #1 and Kira in Giver #2 were alright but I just didn’t connect the same way with them.

The ending was the best and worst in this installment. Let’s just say I was bawling while making bagels at 3:00am this morning…

I don’t really want to say much more in this review because I don’t want to spoil the ending in case you’ve planned on reading this.

The Giver Series Review (May contain slight spoilers) (3 Stars for Entire Series)

When I first read The Giver I thought it was epic and couldn’t wait to find out how the story progressed. If you’ve read my review of Gathering Blue you’ll already know that I was very surprised to find out that book two had nothing to do with book one. At that point, I sort of felt like giving up on the series if the final novel had no closure about book one and two. Luckily I found a review that mentioned it did.

And yes there was some closure. But was there enough? That’s a hell no. Book one and two ended in beginnings of a journey and I wanted to find out what happened. In book three I got a vague idea of what happened. All I found out was: everything is much better. What happened to set those things in motion or who did it never gets explained.

In book three, the idea of the trade-market was intensely interesting. I wanted to know how it worked. I wanted to know how you could trade the health of your child for a gaming machine. How did it work? Not even why, I can just know that it was out of greed that they did it but HOW?!

I don’t think this was just leaving the ending to your imagination. I think this was a flaw in the series. I think it’s fine to leave some things left unsaid so the reader has to ponder about them. But all of that was just too much.

But even with all that (and it ticked me off to no end) I have to say that I still really enjoyed it.

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