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American Vampire, Vol. 3 by Scott Snyder
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Jan 27, 2012

really liked it

Although I never had the chance to read the first two volumes, jumping into the third volume with a limited background did nothing to stop the progress of the story, nor did it limit my understanding of the character and the content. I must point out that since I did start with the third volume, I found it hard to understand what the characters meant to each other but this did not stop my from enjoying it.

Scott Snyder is scurrently writing another comic series for DC (Batman), and the similarities of tone and style are striking as they are appropriate. Snyder weaves a masterpiece for the reader, drawing them in inch by inch, page by page, until you're left wondering 'what just happened?' in the best way possible.

The story unfolds like any good horror story, in the classical sense of Mary Shelley. Unlike what is considered horror today, similar to Shelley's Frankenstein, Snyder (and I must credit King as well) creates a world where the identity of a person is tied to the horror that they've become. What it means to to be a vampire is strikingly powerful in the sense that it completely redefines a person. Snyder brings out the story, but Albuqurque and Murphy bring out the images.

The grainy, heavy inked and almost dulled color gives an aged sense to the book. The darkness of the story is mirrored in the images on the page, showcasing that horror of the unknown for the characters until it is too late for anything to change. It did take me a while to get used to the drawings, but I kept flipping the pages back, staring at them as if they held some secrets in them. To an extent, they did, as the images often told more than the words did.

Overall, for an horror junkie, read this. For anyone wishing for a vampire in the true sense of the word (and none of that Twilight stuff), read this. For anyone who wants to read a good story, read this (and the preceding ones).

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