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Shrill Dusk by Helen Harper
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*I received a copy of this through NetGalley and the author Helen Harper in exchange for an honest review.*

This is one of those books where I really just didn't know how to rate it. I almost want to really break everything down and rate everything individually because there were some aspects of this book that were really enjoyable for me, and at the same time I had major issues with the story line which I will explain a little more in depth in a minute. Let me start with the authors note at the beginning of the book:

Some of the events in Shrill Dusk overlap the events in Skulk of Foxes, the final book in the
Fractured Faery series, however both books can be read separately.

So after reading this, despite my OCD and not liking ever feeling like I've been pushed off in the middle of a story, I didn't go back and binge the previous series. I agree that this book can be read separately, because though they are in the same world and I could see events that may or may not be "overlapping," Charley's, our FMC, story does seem like a different tale... That being said the first half of the book was world building, and detailing the "overlapping" events. This in itself was... confusing the way it played out. At least for me. There is just a whole lot of the book describing and detailing events that really have nothing to do with Charley. Yes during that time we are getting to know Charley and her crew of misfits as well as progression past where I would assume the other book leaves off but at the same time I think the confusion would have all been solved by a synopsis of events or even a flashback before/after rather than taking such a long time to overlap the events. I also reserve the right to change my opinion if I ever go back and read the starter series lol. I just felt, at this point not having read the first series, that most of the story wasn't Charley's. Also, I'm honestly not sure where this is going as the ending has really thrown me. We don't seem to have an arch enemy or a quest of any kind... I can see where more stories from this world could continue to be entertaining but I wasn't left with a need "to find out" anything... if that makes sense.

World building wise I had no trouble falling into this book. So I would rate that 3+ stars as that is not always the case lol. I also really liked Charley's character and felt that she had a wonderful sarcastic, funny, go get it attitude, as well as some intense irony in that she has this loyal and overwhelming need to do the right thing even with her career as a professional gambler. I also really like where the story started to head in the second half with Charley learning about magic and magical beings as well as learning to set her own limits and not to always depend on learning others limits. I felt like this was an incredibly insightful little ditty:
"the person with knowledge--has already decided what the limitations of their abilities are.
They don't seek to test them or go beyond them."

In this book our FMC Charley, gambler and cleaner extraordinaire, gets an all out smack in the face introduction to the supernatural world along with all the citizens of Manchester, during some magic based apocalyptic events. As these events unfold, Charley realizes that both she and her house mate have some inner supernatural. As the government closes down and quarantines Manchester, Charley and her crew fight to survive and help all the supes and humans that stay behind.

All in all I really think this has some promise, but in all honesty I know, that in order to continue I'd have to start at the beginning. I also recommend that if you have OCD issues like me, and if your interested in pursuing this story you should also start there.

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