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Broken Time by Emily Devenport
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Jul 09, 2008

it was ok
bookshelves: horror, science-fiction
Recommended for: Patient lovers of science fiction who can endure some poor writing.

'Broken Time' is a messy, brilliant, juvenile, sophisticated, awkward, stunning novel that veers from being embarassingly bad to thoroughly engrossing and back again, and just won't let up flailing about and somehow still managing to win your attention. Ultimately, I made it all the way through it and was happy I did so, but I cannot express how infuriatingly bad parts of this novel are.

What saves the novel is the fact that it is absolutely chock full of intriguing ideas. Unlike alot of bad science fiction novels where I would have a hard time telling you what they were about a few years later or even remember that I read them, this one I've never forgotten and numerous scenes are still fresh in my memory. In fact, if anything there is probably too much going on in this very ambitious novel. In addition to making you think, half the time with a throwaway line, Maggy Thomas draws her characters so well that you can't help but care. You care for and fear for Siggy. Jerry Gross is truly as terrifying as he is pathetic. So you keep reading through the cringes to get to the good parts - like when you figure out why Jerry calls The Professor Beelzebub.

Although the author has written other books since, this is the first and only novel that the author has written using this psuedonym - which is as it should be. It's embarassingly bad enough as to discredit the name. But it is also good enough that I want this author to keep writing, because there is real talent here waiting to be honed.
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Lectus I couldn't get pass the bad parts and DNF. It is a shame because the beginning was really powrfull.

Matt This novel is all over the place. At times it soars and at times it's just cringe worthy. On the one hand, it probably couldn't have been written without 'Silence of the Lambs', but on the other hand it arguably does a better less voyeuristic and more thoughtful job with the serial killer material than any of the Hannibal Lector works. I'm sorry you couldn't finish, but I can fully understand why you couldn't. How far did you make it?

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