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Brick by Jen  Davis
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it was amazing

Brick is the number one enforcer for Sucre who is a well known drug lord/loan shark. Brick has done many things he isn’t proud of. He’s broken countless bones, hurt countless people and even killed when told. He is a monster, self-proclaimed, he doesn’t deserve anything but this life and he does it all to keep his grandmother alive and safe. She’s the only family he has left.

Liv is a high school teacher, she’s stared death in the face and beat it once and she knew she needs to start living a life worth living with this second chance she’s been given. She is trying to be a better version of herself and trying to make changes that she hopes will better her life.

What do you do when you grew up in the wrong neighborhood and the only thing you know is the drugs, violence and other unimaginable cruelties? How do you rise above and become a better person when you don’t even dare to dream?

I loved the intensity and darkness of this book! It was not your typical love story. I appreciated the fact that Brick wasn’t the typical stuck up alpha male who thought he was better than everybody else. I loved the way Brick didn’t see himself as attractive or anything special but Liv saw something totally different. It was a reprieve.

The way Brick was completely confused as to why she would even be looking at him in the first place made my heart happy. I couldn’t help but smile and feel giddy as the characters developed. I loved the dynamic between the two and I loved how awestruck Brick was anytime Liv looked at him without disgust or when she spoke to him voluntarily and didn’t cower away when he tried to tell her how horrible he was. She saw past all the bullshit that he fed himself about what kind of person he was. She didn’t see the monster, she saw the human inside when Brick thought he had lost his humanity long ago.

The suspense kept me flipping pages until there were no more pages left, I felt raw and exposed and oh so scared at times. I hated the game, but it had to be played in order to live and it was repulsive and exactly what I would expect in a situation like that. The ending was KILLER! It had me gasping and “no way”ing the entire time! I was dumbstruck. It was way more than I ever wanted or expected and I loved the fact that I was on the tips of my toes pacing around the room at 3am because I was so tense and antsy. I couldn’t read this book fast enough! I had to know what happened and then had a total book hangover once it was over.

There are dark and suspenseful and downright unimaginable things that happen throughout the course of this book, but it is so worth reading. I knew it wasn’t going to be a sweet and sappy love story but I never could’ve prepared myself for the intensity of this book. It was like going on the most highly anticipated roller coaster, it takes your breathe away and the entire ride you are too shocked to feel or do anything but once it’s over you feel more alive than you ever thought possible and you can’t wait to do it again. This book was my highly anticipated roller coaster, I can’t wait to read it again! I hope the second time around is just as exhilarating as the first!
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