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The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks
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Jan 26, 2012

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The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks takes place in a small southern town Swansboro, North Carolina. This story begins when Julie Barenson is forced to face her first Christmas Eve alone. Usually she would spend it with her husband Jim but he had just recently passed of a brain tumor. Although Julie does not have to live completely alone because her husband arranged for her to have a puppy when he died. Singer, her golden retriever, is really the kind of friend she needed to help her get through her husband’s untimely death. Later on Julie decides she wants to date again but whom? Finally she meets a guy named Richard and at first she thought he was perfect but Singer acted the complete opposite towards him. Julie realizes Singer was right so she breaks it off and then decides to date Mike. Her and Mike have been the closest friends for the longest time, he was always secretly in love with her and Singer loves him too. All of this was too much for Richard to handle so he begins to stalk her and also tried to ruin the relationship of Julie and Mike.
Over all I believe this novel was really interesting and Nicholas Sparks did a good job keeping you intrigued in the novel. He has a very good way of using descriptive writing so the reader can understand the novel by not only what they read but they are able to picture it in their heads as well. This book would appeal more to girls than guys because of the love relationships throughout the book. This book is great for high school students because it uses great vocabulary but you are also able to understand the novel at the same time. People should read this book because I also enjoyed it a lot myself. The book kept me interested at all times and there are many different emotions throughout the novel that make the story intriguing.

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