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Talk to Me by John Kenney
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it was ok

I read this book quickly. It was fast-paced and even though I knew what was coming, I kept wanting to read it. I am not the kind of person who slows down to watch a car wreck. I don't usually feel fascinated, instead I feel sad and worried for the people. I don't like watching human drama unfold. And this book felt just like that. So maybe I should have just abandoned it.

The premise almost felt didactic to me and I was worried the author was going to use this book to focus so much on the social commentary that I wouldn't be able to enjoy it. While there are definitely pieces of that, I didn't feel the direct commentary part was over the top. However, the story was completely predictable all the way to the end.

One of the main points of this book is how we live in a society that is largely ruled by the commenters now and how media is not run by the professionals, etc. While there are bits there I totally agree and sympathize with, I also feel like when you make a point like this, it's important to show the other side, too.

There are stories that would have never come to the surface if it weren't for the amateurs. For as many corrupt, click-baity journalists, there are also real ones who care about people and unearthing the truth. For as many self-absorbed-but-not-harmful people who do something stupid, there are ones who actually are out to cause harm knowing they won't get caught (they'll be protected) that this system fights.

These issues are complicated and layered and while this book was one story of one person at one point in time (fictional too of course) I still feel uncomfortable with the fact that several of the characters were cartoonish in their one-dimensionality. People are often much more complicated than that and if you're going to develop the main character, you owe it to the reader to spend time developing the major opposing characters, too.

I guess I had a lot more to say about this than I thought I did and while I had rated this 3 stars when I started, writing this all down made me realize it's actually not even that.

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