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Runebinder by Alex R. Kahler
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it was ok

2.5 ish stars. In all honesty it was both the "feel" of this book, and the absolute lack of backstory and world building that really kept me from loving this book. I felt it was incredibly hard to stay focused on the story and that the plot progression was a little "all over" the place. Also, I was really confused by the age of the main character Tenn, who is described to be YA/College age but has the personality, emotional, and mental characteristics of someone who is around 12 or 13. If it did say his age somewhere I must have missed it, but throughout the entire story it kept throwing me.

The lack of backstory and details in the world building really hindered this story's ability to progress smoothly. The "Resurrection" is mentioned time after time but you never really get any details on what happened to this world, why it has become this way, and what the freaking plan is other than survival. I am typically a huge fan of the dystopian or apocalyptic feel but this was just mad chaos with no real rhyme or reason. There was really no explanations on our antagonists or their end goal either.

Our MC Tenn is a severely depressed and highly irrationally emotional character. We start with Tenn on a hunting trip with "friends" already in the post apocalyptic earth. During this trip they run into some trouble as magical zombies get on their trail. They are not allowed to use magic because though it isn't explained its apparent that using magic sends a beacon out to all magical creatures in the area. Caught between life or death Tenn looses control of his magic and saves him and another of his friends. Now their entire base is in danger because Tenn has summoned the enemy to their door. It turns out the enemy isn't just after kill, steal and destroy...they are after Tenn for unknown and never revealed reasons... Just as the enemy shows up some reluctant allies show up as well saying the "prophets" (never explained) were also on the lookout for Tenn (reasons never revealed). Amidst the destruction of his temporary home and the loss of all his people to the enemy Tenn journeys with these 3 allies to a new base where they are put on yet another journey with nothing explained. The entire time Tenn becomes more and more depressed and still can't seem to control his magic and reluctant bloodlust.

I'll just be honest the whole thing was kind of a hot mess. By the end I was just irritated that nothing was really ever explained. I feel like the book is just missing some intrinsic stuff that would actually make it a complete story...Maybe they will explain some things in the next book in the series?
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