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Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally
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Jan 25, 2012

liked it
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I liked a lot about this book. Personally, I liked that Jordan was one of the guys. There really are girls out there like this and that doesn’t make them gay or stupid or ugly. It makes them… just one of the guys.

The characters were well drawn. The conflicts made sense. It was an easy read.

What it lacked: With all these people jumping up and down about it, I expected more of an OMG FACTOR! But, not so much. It was a fun read. Nothing I’d feel like I needed to read again.

I enjoyed it. Nice way to kill a few hours.

What I didn’t like. The sex. Now, don’t stop reading there. I’m not saying sex shouldn’t be in YA – but I am saying that this book showed all the boys as users. Basically they were all sleeping around. Girls were “good lays.” Sex was a way to “relax.”

Every. Single. Guy.

No emotions. Zero. The one time Jordan really does say how she’s feeling about sleeping with her boyfriend (even though she listens to all her guys talk about sex) she’s told it’s TMI.

The stereotype of every guy as a disrespectful sex-hound got old. I started rolling my eyes at some of the over-the-top guyisms.

And yes, this is coming from someone who was one of the guys.

So, ignore that. Ignore the daddy-issues that drive the main character. And then enjoy the book.

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