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Cinder by Marissa Meyer
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Jan 24, 2012

really liked it
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I'm kind of a sucker for fairy tale retellings, so it's not really a surprise that I immediately gravitated towards Cinder. What came as a (pleasant) surprise is that I actually really, really liked it. It took the story of Cinderella and gave it a unique twist in that Cinder is actually a cyborg (aha, my first reaction was "...A ...cyborg. ...Huh.") It was fast, it kept me turning pages and grinning silly grins, and the characters were all rather excellent in their own way (well, the main ones, anyway).

However, Cinder is very, very predictable. Part of this is because it is a loose retelling of the fairy tale, and part of it is... well, there's really not that much excuse for the rest of it. Once you learn a bit of information it becomes startlingly obvious where the book is going to go. When the big reveal was revealed it was not so much big and more like "Finally. We already knew this!" There's also the pesky one dimensional side characters, such as Cinder's wicked stepmother and stepsister. Even the sweet stepsister is... well, uniformly sweet. You see flashes of greater depths on the stepmother's part, but it never goes deeper than that.

Still, this was a fun book to read. It's not all that believable, and some things are never explained in the detail that it should, but overall it's a pretty good (and at the very least entertaining) book. Cinder is a fun main character who is resilient, but has her own worrying flaws, while Kai, the prince, is given plenty of stage time for you to learn to like him, if not fall in love with him.

Then there's that cliffhanger. Pesky things, cliffhangers, that seem to proliferate in the YA genre.

All in all, a fun, light book that seems rather promising. 3-4 stars, rounded up to 4.
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