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The Knowledge (Richard Jury Mysteries) by Martha Grimes
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The Knowledge by Martha Grimes is the 24th book of the Richard Jury mystery series set in contemporary England. It's early November in London. Scotland Yard detective Richard Jury meets and instantly befriends an astronomer from the US. Jury enjoys dinner with him and his beautiful wife in their home. Days later, the couple is shot dead outside the Artemis Club, an exclusive gallery and casino. The shooter commands cabbie Robbie Parsons to ride around London for hours. London's black cab drivers are an exclusive society; drivers know and trust one another. Robbie can't alert the police, so he signals fellow black cabbies, and they follow in pursuit. When the shooter arrives at the airport, a gang of street urchins pick up his trail. Remarkably clever and resourceful 10-yr-old Patty Haigh boards the plane with the shooter, eventually arriving in Nairobi. Her quick wits keep her on his trail (suspend credulity here; just enjoy this delightful new character!)

Back in London, Jury enlists his friends on the case: he infiltrates Marshall Trueblood as croupier in the Artemis Club casino, and persuades Melrose Plant to go on safari in Africa. The action alternates between London and Africa. In London, Jury suspects the casino owner of smuggling tanzanite, a precious gem; then later investigates the provenance of paintings by a particular African artist. Eventually the plots in both London and Africa involve assumed vs. true identities.

Jury, Plant and Patty are delightful stars of the story; the victims, suspects and shooter provide a necessary mystery backdrop for the humorous interplay between the beloved series characters, as Jury pursues clues on many plot threads. Even Harry Johnson and Mungo have a cameo appearance.

The title refers to a pub - of course! named for the extensive knowledge of London a black cabbie must acquire. It's location is unknown to all except the black cabbies.

Great fun for Richard Jury mystery series fans. Strongly recommend: read this series in order from the beginning, for best enjoyment.

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