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Such a Pretty Face by Cathy Lamb
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Jan 23, 2012

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All little girls or even growing up to "young adults" or "teenagers" are told more then half of our lives that we're beautiful and we have the best personality's but what people and especially parents think is that it's an easy process. We all look at other teens and think to ourselves "Why Can't I Be Like That?" What we don't understand is that were unique in our own way and that's what makes us special. We go from relationships to confidence and growing up as "remember in high school and college you'll be the most successful person." Leaving Pre-School and saying "I want to be a teacher." Or a Vet, Cop, Firefighter, etc. As for Stevie Barret she grew up calling herself "fat."

Such A Pretty Face, Cathy Lamb writes Stevie Barret as a girl who never thought she'd be one thing:thin. She was wheeled into the operating room for surgery that changed her life, but not only changed her life brought a new opportunity to her life but never really got the hit to it. She lived with her aunt, cousin's and her uncle. Loosing her family in a car accident. After all the therapy she was given she still remained the same, her shyness refuses to melt away. She's still scared to look at her gorgeous neighbor in the eye. Working at the Portland law office where she works, with her dysfunctional family and her once supportive friend clearly hates her weight loss. Stevie faces her biggest challenge in finding herself. All collaborating with her cousins and her aunt and uncle.

But through that path she finds surprising answers about who she is, who she wants to be, what she wants to be and how the old Stevie evolved in the first place. Not only is she realizing how she's changed shouldn't have been because of what she's lost. But what's important is the courage and confidence she's gaining day by day. I must say, this book isn't normally something everyone would read. It's more of a chick flick and it gives a teenage girl an idea and a view of how to find herself or themselves no matter what the change may occur in their lives or what makes a big impact in they're lives and could change them for maybe a life time. Change could happen to anything whether it's to you or your family, friends, motivations, inspirations, it can cause a big impact. But what we all need to realize is that everyday we become stronger or gain courage whatever trate we thing we've gained within a day.

I recommend Such A Pretty Face to girls who like to read about the process of finding out who you are and finding the true meaning of finding who you are without having to make changes in on your face of figure or personality. All you can really do is reflect on your mistakes and what you would do differently if you ever go through those moments ever again.

Cathy Lamb in my opinion relates to this in some way maybe she even went through the same process as her character Stevie Barrett did, maybe she is Stevie Barrett, who knows. But this is a story about finding yourself at whatever age you could possibly think of, everyday is a day we all take in but never know what will come. We find out a new trait about ourselves every single day even if people declare us as a teenager, a young adult, old person, or adult. We never stop finding ourselves until we feel satisfied but honestly who feels good about staying in one spot? Personally I'm the type of person who loves to take adventures and challenges all through out my life no matter how crazy they may sound to others. No one knows who you completely are all they can do is judge you and get to know you more if they decide too, the only person who will ever know you best is you. And your family members you grew up with your entire life. Maybe even at some point someone walks into your life and lights up a new spark inside you.
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