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The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers by Angie Fox
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Jan 23, 2012

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Second in the Demon Slayer (or Biker Witches) urban fantasy series revolving around Lizzie Brown, a newbie demon slayer desperately trying to learn what she needs to know to stay alive.

My Take
The last book, The Accidental Demon Slayer set us up with the primary series characters. This installment provides us with Lizzie's backup crew as well as providing Lizzie herself with a bit more confidence in herself and her friends.

It still drove me a bit nuts — yeah, it's funny — it's also deep in Lizzie trying to shed her OCD need to be totally prepared for everything. Oh man, is she in the wrong line of work! She can't keep her mind on the task at hand — too much time with those preschoolers!? And she tends to whine a lot, and I get enough of that at home. Then there's the early encounters between Max and Dimitri. Can you say testosterone overload?? Good thing Sid's on their side!

The licensing bureau seems like everybody's idea of a DMV nightmare.

It's definitely a Keystone Kops routine of screw-ups and dashing about with little thought and no depth to the book nor is there much tension. Fox gets her characters into all sorts of trouble and magically gets them out again without worrying about how…hey, it's just words. And words can do anything.

Although, we do finally find out who is responsible for all those brownouts and blackouts…

The Story
It's bad and about to get worse! Uncle Phil is being targeted by a succubus, and Lizzie and the Red Skulls have got to save him! Naturally, nothing can be that easy, for Lizzie and her Grandma discover that Serena is after more than just Uncle Phil's life energy. She's using him as part of a plot to bust open a gate from Hell.

Did you know Vegas hotels have a supernatural floor? Yup, it's the thirteenth floor…woo-hoo-hoooo.

The Characters
Lizzie Brown, a teacher at the Happy Hands Preschool, accidentally turns out to be a demon slayer. A very rare species of human who didn't discover her abilities until she turned 30 and her Grandma busted down her front door. Pirate, a Jack Russell terrier, is her totally useless but lots of fun-to-chat-with watchdog with all sorts of delusions and ambitions.

Dimitri Kallinikos is a Greek shapeshifting griffin who discovers he's not quite so full-blooded anymore. He's also Lizzie's protector even when Lizzie has to turn around and protect him. Max Devereux is a hunter. Half-demon, half-slayer with a unique way of taking down a succubus. He fits right in with this crew in that he just keeps pushing away at Lizzie, never giving her time to figure out what's happening. To be fair, he's thinking she actually has some training.

Grandma, a.k.a., Gertie, is a rad' Harley-ridin' biker chick and part of the Red Skulls coven of bikers including Ant Eater; Betty Two Sticks; Sidecar Bob who's trapped in a wheelchair and is bonding with Pirate; Scarlet; Spinebreaker, a.k.a., Jan Elkins, a.k.a., the Library Hag; Battina who specializes in acquiring the hard-to-find ingredients for spells; and, Crazy Frieda with an even crazier wardrobe — I'm still trying to figure out those pink, zippers-everywhere leather pants!

Uncle Phil Whirley is Lizzie's fairy godfather — literally — and Lizzie discovers he's been involved in every aspect of her life — a lot more than her adoptive parents! Skeeps! I want one! They're pulsing balls of light that will run errands and get you anything you need! Ezra is a bellhop ghost at their hotel while Joe is a long-dead engineer who still keeps an eye on the Hoover dam through its tunnels.

Senior Officer Reynolds seems to be in charge of the Greater Nevada Department of Intramagical Procedures (DIP) office. Thank god! If we had to wait for the Dragon Lady to pass Lizzie…we'd all be grilling our weenies in Hell. Although, he only seems good for introducing Lizzieto, in a roundabout way, Officer Sid Fuzzlebump, who is a fairy, grumblingly giving Lizzie aid.

Serena is the succubus who is seducing Uncle Phil into helping her with her "break open Hell" plan. And man, does she have a history!

The Cover and Title
The deep but bright purple cover is getting pretty rowdy for Lizzie. That girl is goin' to the hogs with her black leather miniskirt and zip-up fitted vest. She's straddling a motorcycle with Pirate perched behind and checking us out from under Lizzie's outstretched arm as she holds what looks like a mini, extremely elaborate pike.

The title is all about the book Lizzie plans to write. The 1936 copy the Las Vegas licensing bureau is handing out just doesn't cut it as The Dangerous Book for Demon Slayers!

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