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Jumanji by Chris Van Allsburg
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Jan 23, 2012

it was amazing

The front cover of Jumanji is very appealing and interesting. There were monkeys ravaging a kitchen. The illustrations throughout the book were in black and white but had great detail and were given an entire page to capture the action. By allowing the illustration to cover a whole page and having the text on the other have of the page allow for great detail. The story is about two siblings who are left alone for afternoon and are looking for fun. They find an interesting board game in the park and decide to play. The directions of the game make it very clear that once the game has started it will not end until someone reaches the end. The brother rolls the dice and a hungry lion appears. The siblings are obviously shocked but must continue for the lion to go away. Throughout the game many animals and different adventures present themselves. Once the young girl wins everything goes back to normal and they run the game back to the park just before their parents get home. Their parents come home with some friends who are amazed at how well their children are behaved and explain how their kids do not follow directions. Just then the siblings see their parent’s friend’s children running from the park with the game. At the begging of the story the siblings were bored, but at the end they were excited and glad they had got to go on their adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed this book as if I had gone on their adventure with them.

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