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Redemption of the Heart by Moni Boyce
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it was amazing
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Recommended for: Real Romance Lovers


A cruel twist of fate brings two lonely souls together connected by a night that destroyed and will ultimately resurrect the shattered pieces of their lives.

Gemma is a killer! She pleads guilty and is sentenced to prison for a death, caused by her actions. When Gemma is released, she's given a job at a restaurant owned by the dead woman's husband, Alex. When they meet there is a spark of awareness between them. However, neither one of them are aware of their macabre connection. The heroes busybody and annoying sister Rachel (who doesn't know how to use a phone) susses out Alex's burgeoning attraction and decides to play matchmaker. Gemma is reticent and Alex hasn't been interested in a woman since the death of his wife.

Another (near) tragedy brings them together and is the start of their romance. Alex is happier than he's ever been and he decides to introduce Gemma (too soon) to his dad. Thomas immediately feels like he's seen her before and he can't let it go after meeting her for a second time. He searches Google for information on her identity and it yields no results. At this (nor any) point in the story are there red flags, he's simply trying to satisfy his nagging curiosity. Gemma never displays suspicious behavior or actions, yet Thomas cannot let it go, so he hires a private investigator.

After receiving the PI's findings and confronting Gemma, Thomas realizes too late that Gemma had no idea. He is sorrowful, but unrepentant and firm in his belief that he did it all to protect his son. I understood the anger that both Alex and Rachel had for their father over his actions. It's honest and it's a very real and human emotion. I understood Thomas's concerns, though I don't know if it warranted hiring a PI versus just asking Gemma about her past. Better yet, sharing his concerns with Alex and letting Alex handle it. By virtue of his actions, it sent the message that neither of his children nor granddaughter were a good judge of character.

Gemma showed remarkable strength and courage by immediately telling Alex of their morbid connection. As you may expect, it doesn't go well, and (view spoiler) ways. This story is really about healing, truth, love and forgiveness so you know that it will take work for this couple to have a second chance at salvaging their newfound love. Highly Recommended: Read It!
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Pearline The father and the PI was the piece I didn’t like about the story. Plus there is no way that she would have been working for the victims family. I also I didn’t understand if Alex was so grief stricken over his wife because he didn’t really love her. His sister was pretty much clear that they wouldn’t have stayed married. I do like this authors writing style.

Rosie J. Hey Pearline:

I was somewhat satisfied with the explanation of how she ended up working for Alex. We've all had s/he looks familiar moments, so I didn't totally buy into the father recognizing her and going to such lengths to confirm her identity. It's only later in the story that we're told (view spoiler) her.

I understood Alex's behavior as it related to his dead wife. He romanticized the relationship and chose to look at only the good parts of their relationship. Doing so, helped him cope with her sudden loss even if they were at the beginning stages of falling out of love and headed to future in a Divorce Court.

His sister got on every nerve! She just crossed lines continually and had absolutely NO respect for him or his privacy.

I think this story could have been even more interesting by having him find out she killed his wife after they were married with a baby on the way.

Pearline So I was wondering why much wasn’t said about the sister until the epilogue. I thought his family was way too much in his business. I would be pissed if one of my parents decided to get a private investigator to investigate my boyfriend. She wasn’t hiding anything if they were curious about her background why not just ask? As she says later Alex never wanted to know her past. So I didn’t buy the explanation because I had a family member killed by a drunk driver and when there’s family in the courtroom the accused speaks to the family. It’s very clear who the family is and who is the accused. You get an advocate who gives you all the information even if you choose not to be involved. When the person is released from jail they notify you and would even tell you about their status. That’s for any family where the victim has a family. I do agree with you I would have liked to see what happened if they would have gotten married and had children and he found out. That would have been a great plot twist. This would have made them deal with it. That’s out of the box thinking😉

Rosie J. I was curious about the sister's baby daddy and nothing is mentioned until near the end of the book. That sister definitely needed some business so she could stay out of her brother's. Between her and the father, they really bothered me with their over-stepping!

I know, that's what I said! If he wanted to know then he should have asked her.

I'm sorry to hear about your family member.

I think by not having the family in the courtroom during the trial and sentencing, the name changes, where the crime happened vs where she actually lived -- plus, the probability that he wasn't notified or he ignored it, allowed the author more flexibility for ambiguity with plot.

LOL ... Thank you ... that plot twist would have definitely been something a little different from the norm. I will read more from this author.

Pearline I was curious about the sister too. Honestly I thought she was gay and that her daughter was like an artificial insemination or something. Nothing is ever mentioned about her child’s father until the epilogue. Plus her coming into the house constantly would have drove me crazy. She was an habitual line stepper.

The father while I understand wanting to protect your kids but he went way too far in my opinion. I felt like they made it seem okay that he dug into her background. PI’s get all your business and she may not want his family to know all that. I don’t think I would have been able to embrace him, he would have been at smooth distance cuz he’s clearly nosy.

Thank you 🙏🏾 but I do think the author was trying to use it as a plot device. I wouldn’t have minded if he met her to confront her about his wife’s death. Heard her story felt bad for her and gave her a job at the restaurant but fell in love with her in the process.

I wish these authors would step out of their comfort zone and not go the traditional route. They don’t have to wait to the end for marriage and children or use the same plot devices. Honestly a lot of times I read these books I wonder how they handle conflict in a marriage or with kids. That’s why I always like a good epilogue

Rosie J. Pearline wrote: "I was curious about the sister too. Honestly I thought she was gay and that her daughter was like an artificial insemination or something."

I thought the sister had way too much time on her hands. She never picked up the phone to call to see if it was okay for her to come over. She never even rang the doorbell. The first time the heroine spent the night she actually came up to the bedroom. Why? She had no boundaries.

Later in the story, the hero couldn't even have a naked moment in the privacy of his home w/o her barging in.

Father and son weren't even close. If he was so close to the daughter why did he hide it from her. Because he knew he was crossing the line.

Sometimes I prefer stories where the couple is already married with small kids or one on the way. Something like 'Home' that was such a good read.

Pearline Lol, the sister reminded me of Antonio’s sister from Intensity. The fact that she kept getting copies of his keys made was a bridge too far. I would have been pissed off if my family constantly came to my house without any notice and expected me to cook. She was a bit much, I couldn’t imagine his first wife allowed it.

Oh I didn’t even think about why her father didn’t tell her what he was doing. If he would have relayed his suspicions I’m sure her nosy ass would have figured out the whole story. He could have saved himself some money.

It’s so rare for authors to write books like Home. The story was nuisance and dealt with an issue that’s rarely talked about in the Black community. I can count on maybe one hand a story told that well. K. Carr is talking about releasing another book this year. I’m going to have to keep stalking her page.

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