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Cake on a Hot Tin Roof by Jacklyn Brady
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Cake on a Hot Tin Roof is the second book of the Piece of Cake mystery series set in contemporary New Orleans, Louisiana. It's almost Mardi Gras, a crazy-busy time at Zydeco Cakes Rita Lucero inherited the bakery when her husband died. She still feels significant skepticism coming from her experienced and talented employees, a major challenge to prove herself a capable boss. Orders for 200 King Cakes per day to supply holiday parties keeps everyone hopping. Getting a website up and running is low priority to Rita, a major bone of contention with her second-in-command.

This is not at all a convenient time for Aunt Yolanda and Uncle Nestor to arrive from Albuquerque on a surprise visit. Overwhelmed by work, and now family, Rita's time is nevertheless utterly ruled by the whims of her mother-in-law, Miss Frankie. With an impossibly full load of tasks, Rita must now drop everything to arrive early at a fundraiser for an elite "krewe". Because important big-wigs will be there.

Rita complies, inviting her aunt and uncle to the party, in an attempt to cover up the snub (of ignoring them in favor of kowtowing to Miss Frankie's demands). Rita's not sure why they are in New Orleans anyway, checking up on her. They gently pressure her about abandoning them for a new life. She tries to tactfully explain that now she is fulfilling career goals she never could as a menial worker in Uncle Nestor's restaurant.

The big-wigs at the fundraiser include an obnoxious wealthy bully, Big Daddy Boudreaux. When he is found murdered by the pool, no one at all really minds his demise. His many enemies gloat. But Rita is shocked and appalled to learn her Uncle Nestor was fingered by the widow as Big Daddy's killer.

Rita races around frantically, trying to complete orders at Zydeco Cakes, interview suspects, alternately placate and bully her relatives, pretend to care about the website, dodge detective Sullivan's questions. She oh-so-conveniently overhears many key conversations, that eventually lead to identifying the killer. Not very interesting, frankly. However, the descriptions of Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans make reading the book worthwhile.

Recipes are included: Rita's Breakfast Casserole, Dizzy Duke Shrimp Etouffee, Zydeco King Cake, Chile Verde, Flour Tortillas. Caution: the story's description of how King Cake is prepared at Zydeco (the number of times it rises) does not match the recipe directions. Check another recipe source before attempting to make it.

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message 1: by Wendy (new)

Wendy Klik I am hosting a Mardi Gras party soon. Thanks for letting me know to find a different source for the recipes.

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