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Blood Law by Jeannie Holmes
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Jan 23, 2012

really liked it
Read from January 26 to 31, 2012

What are you to do if you are a vampire in a prominently human small town? Well, become an Enforcer, that’s what! Alexandra, aka Alex, is a vampire Enforcer. She investigates crimes that involve the vampire community. Since the vampires have come out and have been let live like “normal” humans, not everything is gumdrops and roses. Turns out not every human is comfortable with vampires living among them. Even though the vampires are not supposed to use humans as food, it doesn’t always happen that way, and this is what Alex investigates. She also upholds the law that vampires should not be killed or hunted just for being a vampire. Alex doesn’t come into this book without baggage of her own. Her father was killed, beheaded, when she was a little girl and the murderer was never found. That is why she became and Enforcer, to help solve crimes, but not every crime is easy or able to be solved. What do you do if what you are endangers your life on an every day basis? How do you protect your family from harm if you feel like you are right in the middle of it all the time? When murders of vampires in Jefferson, Mississippi start occurring that look just like the one involving Alex’s father is it the same murderer coming to town to unsettle her? Will she be able to do what others all those years ago couldn’t and find out who is committing these crimes (copy cat or not)? How far should Alex go to get to the bottom of a case?

I was easily drawn into this vampire mystery book. There was always something that made me want to keep reading. Every chapter ended in a way that made me want to read “just one more before bed”. When I first encounter Alex my first impression was that of a cocky vampire who thought she could control other vampires actions and could solve any case. As the book goes on though, I found myself caring and feeling for Alex. She is simply a woman who does what she does because of the effect her father’s murder had on her when she was a kid. I could tell this was a character who loved her job as an Enforcer. She was caring, but wasn’t afraid to tell humans or vampires how it is and what she plans to see happen to enforce the laws that let humans and vampires co-exist in Jefferson. What she doesn’t share with anyone is that she has left some unfinished business back in her hometown many mile away. She was engaged once and was happy in a relationship once, only to have a horrible encounter tear that happiness away and make her flee to another far away city. The icing on the cake for me was when Alex finds out the murders that look like her father’s are way above what she, alone, can handle and more Enforcers are called in to help her investigate. Alex expects a few “lab rats” to come and help her, but what she gets is a man from her past that she would rather forget…the very vampire that she loved once and shares an unwanted blood bond with. Can Alex and Varik work together again to solve the murders without letting previous issues impair the investigation? Can Alex really say that she no longer cares about Varik, and be telling the truth? Things get even more complicated when Alex’s brother gets kidnapped and his bar is set on fire. The question becomes, how close is too close before Alex can no longer do an accurate investigation?

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes vampire books or mystery books. It is a mystery book with a twist of vampires and a little romance dashed into the mix too. I couldn’t help get engrossed in the story once I started reading it. The author also throws twists into the story that keep you guessing all throughout the book. Really was a good read. The ending kind of threw me for a loop though, just when I thought I had it all figured out….BOOM, something else I didn’t see coming.

4 out of 5 stars!

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