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Never Enough by Lauren Dane
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2 disappointing stars

I had such mixed feelings about this one. The premise had such promise! Hot rock star discovers he has a 13-year-old son, and falls for the boy's aunt who adopted him at his birth. Adrian Brown is the youngest of the three siblings that make up the cornerstone of this series. Adrian with his family made this book an adorable, wholesome series of family, love and kindness. THAT part of the story, I definitely enjoyed. 

There was a lot for Adrian and Gillian (his son's aunt, and the main character) to overcome, but I found myself rolling my eyes at the often contrived conflict. I didn't feel any real connection between Adrian and Gillian, and the emotional side just went cold for me. 

The one thing about this series that really rankled on me, was that all the characters had an almost pathological need to discuss and dissect their feelings and emotions with each other. I almost started a drinking game just for the hell of it. The rules are as follows: each time they deeply discussed their feelings (or were told how they feel, as often the case was), take a swig. Too bad, it would've been fun. Ever heard of "show don't tell?" try not to overthink things too rapidly. 

Secondly, the romance just went waaaaaay too fast for me in this one. Gillian and Adrian meet, and Adrian is completely nasty towards her, as he thinks she's lying about his son. He shows up for meet #2, apologizing and wanting to meet his son. Then during meet #3, he has dinner with Gillian and his son. THEN HE SPENDS THE NIGHT, getting his sexy on with Gillian, and the romance started running from there. Gillian is portrayed as such a "Momma's Bear," but she lets a strange man spend the night in the same house as her son. And has a one-night stand with his new Daddy. I'm... skeptical. 

Thirdly, these characters think they're way kinkier than they are. You'd think they're sexual deviants by the way they act. It's an erotic romance, yes, but that's because there's a lot of sex, rather than it being super kinky. 

The son, Miles, was a great character. Although he was a bit too *perfect.* He was so well emotionally adjusted, it was very suspect. You'd think he'd have some concerns or thoughts about his mom being in a new relationship with his new Dad. Or... maybe about his new Dad in general? ahhhh .... 

Overall, it has a good, enjoyable story line. But the abrupt endings, suspect character developments, and speedy romance just stacked the odds against it. 
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58.0% "I'm enjoying the story ... it's just a wee-bit focused too heavily on the couple. I want outside interactions, too! Also, I feel like I'm at that point where I'm just waiting for the explosion so they can get back together. Even though I'm only at 58%, I'm already anticipating the end, making me think it's being stretched out just a little..."
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