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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
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Jan 22, 2012

liked it

I enjoyed reading this - definitely stayed up late and encouraged my daughter to watch cartoons so I could finish it. But I kind of knew what was coming so it was a _bit_ of a let-down. It also does some thing that they do in the Twilight books that annoys me (wait Jill, maybe you should stop reading young adult books if immature literary devices annoy you! Shhhh.) But it irritates me that the "good" characters are so pure and selfless that they spend the entire book moaning about how much they want to die so the other can live. It just is so unrealistic that someone would have absolutely no interest in self-preservation. It also makes the characters completely one dimensional and boring. Still, I loved reading about evil killer monkeys, hot revolutionaries, and evil Capitol overlords who must be destroyed. Good fun.

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