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Unacceptable Risk by Jeanette Grey
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Jan 22, 2012

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Plix is a woman whose has dedicated her whole life to seeking vengeance, determined to get to the bottom of her father's death. She's had her body upgraded with computer components to enable her to be the best she can be.

Waking up battered in a gutter, she has no memory of how she got there, and she seeks the one person she know can help her - Edison. Edison is a tuner, who specialises in 'tuning' human computer upgrades. He's been patching Plix up for years, but each time gets harder and harder.

This novella is a combination of science fiction mystery and romance. We watch Plix so determined to get to the bottom of her father's death at the expense of everything else in her life. At first the love story is just hinted at as we watch Plix too driven to notice anything else, and Edison's pain as he is unable to stop her suicide mission. But this unrequited love really does capture you as the reader right from the start.

While there was a certain amount of intrigue about the mystery part of the story, I did want to see what had driven Plix to become the woman she was and left her with nothing else in her life. There was not enough time in the book to really develop this theme as much as I would have liked.

I was fascinated by Plix's upgrades and the futuristic setting of the story. I found it hard to picture what Plix looked like in my head. I wanted to know more about this world, how these upgrades worked and how it had changed humanity. This important aspect of the book lacked explanation. But, the possibilities of these human adaptations were really interesting. I really hope that the author is planning to write another book in this world as this novella was sadly just too short to explore some of the clever concepts it created.

I really did however, love the romance. I felt for Edison as he continued to patch Plix up and send her out into the unknown, and as he did the gulf between them painfully widened. It made the romance seem not only genuine, but gave me a smile of satisfaction when it finally did happen.


An easy read novella set in an intriguing new world, but more importantly, a really fab romance.

RATING: 7/10 - Very good, would definitely recommend

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